The Busy Giffs: November 2012

November 30, 2012

Neiman Marcus & Target

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Target... who isn't, right?
Also, it's a well known fact I have champagne tastes and lust over things I will never afford a la Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch and others found at Neiman Marcus.

Aren't they just the best?? 
I can PROMISE you I will be outside of Target before it opens tomorrow morning!

How about you? What item do you hope you can get your hands on?

November 28, 2012


Have you ever heard of

We've ordered a few things from them over the past year.
About once a month, or right before a holiday, they'll offer a really great promotion for a free card or two.
I'll usually get Dave's anniversary card or a generic birthday card and tuck it away for when I need it.

At the beginning of the month, they offered 10 free cards!
I ordered a couple Thanksgiving cards, a few Holiday cards and a Sesame Street Christmas card for Emmalee.

A few days later I got an email from them saying that they had been overwhelmed and were apologizing in advance in case my Thanksgiving cards did not arrive in time, however they gave me a number and a reference code if I wanted to call.

I wasn't super concerned so just let it be.

The day before Thanksgiving, I received another email apologizing for not getting my cards to me on time.
In fact, they went above and beyond and included a one-time use coupon for 70% off and free shipping on my next order!

Talk about customer service!
I hadn't even complained! 

And then on Monday they offered a Cyber sale of 39 cent cards!
Did I mention that will ship your cards directly to your recipients if you input their addresses?
Oh, and it's no additional charge to ship them directly out??

So we ordered all of our cards, shipped directly to our friends houses, and paid less than $15 for all 40 of them!

Our card is a surprise for now, but I'm sure I'll post it later!
In the meantime, check out their great selection of cards!

Which is your favorite?
Keeping Up With The Giffords

November 27, 2012

Festival of Trees

I am so excited for this year's Festival of the Trees!

Little known secret... 
David proposed to me as we left the Festival of Trees in 2009!

The Cranberry Hospice hosts the event and it is always stunning.
There are a 100+ trees decorated by local organizations.

How cute?!

Admission is only $6 for adults, $5 for seniors (over 62), and $2 for children under 12.
And they are open November 30- December 1st.
You can find the full schedule here.

We've made it a tradition in our family and when it goes to support such a great cause... it's just that much better!
We'll be stopping on our way to P-Town this weekend and I'll post the new trees next week!

Keeping Up With The Giffords

November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Happy Day After Thanksgiving, or as it's more frequently called,

As an extremely frugal shopper, I am a big fan of Black Friday sales, but I will not be out at 1 am shopping.
This year, I'm waiting until 7 am. I have 2 stores I want to get to, thanks Mom for hitting the third!, and only have 3 things I want to pick up!


Some people are crazy and here's a few of my favorite images of Black Friday!

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

What are your plans?
Are you a late night/early morning shopper?

Keeping Up With The Giffords

November 15, 2012

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! King Richard's Faire

You know what I love?

Free stuff.

If I'm not wasting hours looking for new activities and recipes on Pinterest or writing on this here blog, I'm usually just entering giveaways online.
Isn't that what the internet is for?
So you can see the cheapest way to get things or win them free?

Anyways, a couple weeks back I won a family pack of tickets to go to the King Richard's Faire Final Weekend from New Bedford Macaroni Kid!

It was my first time ever going, which is crazy because I've lived within 20 miles of it since I was 7!

The King Richards Faire is an 80 acre site that transports you to the old Renaissance period.

It's set in the middle of the woods and is absolutely adorable!

Emmalee wasn't really sure if she liked it when we first got there...

...might have had to do with the living statue.

There was live jousting,

show stoppers, $12 beers (Thanks Kristen!),

and tigers!

David showed off his physical prowess in archery...

 and the strength test- he even made it ding!

We finished the day by watching the Royal Procession,

and eating a turkey leg!

Okay, maybe Daddy shared his turkey leg with her... but she was all smiles by the time we were leaving!

Tickets cost $27 to get in and all of the food and amusements are additional, but we were able to enjoy an almost free day since my friend Kristen bought most of our food since we gave her to the two other tickets of the four that we won!

We had a great day and will definitely be looking at going again next year!

November 13, 2012

Crowdtap & Old Navy

Have you ever heard of Crowdtap?

They are an amazing website that connects brands with consumers and allows for quick, effective responses as far as what the consumer likes and doesn't.

As part of Crowdtap, I was asked to join the Old Navy Style Council!!!

Basically, every few days or so, I'll get a few questions in my "Quickhits" about Old Navy that I answer.
Occasionally, Old Navy will even send me a messages about special events!

A few months back, they hosted a RockStar jean catwalk in New York City and they invited me to pick a pair and walk the runway! Sadly, I couldn't attend and I was devastated when I found out that Back Street Boys had played a concert at the event!!

But I digress.

Last week, Old Navy sent me a message asking if I would want to sample their new dresses.


I received a coupon in the mail for any dress at Old Navy!
I found a few online that I love, but being as large as I am, things don't always look the way they're supposed to on me...

All super cute and convertible from work to a night out.
However, many did NOT look good on me...

You have no idea how badly I wanted the striped dress on the left to look good. 
I'm so in love with it, it's not even funny.
But I'd have to constantly suck in my stomach, or buy Spanx, or lose 20 pounds...

anyways, I did find a dress that I love and looks good, without highlighting my stomach!

(Sorry its blurry!)
I picked out the Crepe Tie -Belt Shift Dress in Robbie Red!

I feel like it's so unexpected for me because the lighting does not do the color justice!
It is absolutely a bright red holiday party appropriate dress. 
But I had on my tan boots and it looked great as well, so I could always wear it into work!

I am so thankful and excited to be a part of the Style Council and can't wait to see what else is in store!

If you want to be a part of the Style Council, join Crowdtap and start tappin'!

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