The Busy Giffs: The Good, the Bad, and the Amazing.

September 23, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Amazing.

We just got back from checking out or new place.

So the Good...

1. We have keys!!
And we're allowed to start moving things in slowly if we'd like, provided we have our renter's insurance changed over. I've already messaged our agent so we'll hope that changes easily enough!

2. The place looks amazing. 
New carpets, new stove, new fridge, new bathroom fixtures, everything is repainted and clean and beautiful.

3. She is leaving a lawn mower at the house so we don't have to try and afford one!

The Bad.

1. Our shopping list is getting longer. :/
We'll need to buy a tension rod for the shower curtain, curtain rods for the windows, gates for the top and bottom of the stairs, 2 large trash barrels for trash pick up and recyclables pickup... all little things, but little things can add up. Plus add in the fact that we still need to purchase a washer and dryer... and yikes.

2. Originally we had said a first and security, but today she randomly threw out a "first, last and security" but "can be flexible with the last because she knows it will be expensive to pay for the whole oil tank up front".
Which also brings up the fact that we have to fill the oil tank up front. I guess I wrongly assumed that we were getting full, and we would just have to make sure it was full again before we moved out, like a rental car kind of thing, so that's another $1000 we'll need to find in addition to the $1000 for the security. 

I'm kind of sweating bullets because unless she can be flexible enough to wait until our tax returns come in, I have no clue what to do. I know I'll figure it out, because we always do but holy shit, I'm scared. I'm really not sure where we'll pull it out of since we used most of our "extra money" (like it's ever really extra) to pay for the car repairs I had done... blah.

I just wish we could get to a point in our lives where we weren't watching the bank account every single month, hoping we don't go red.

The Amazing.

I posted on Facebook that I'm desperately pining over the Target Chevron bed sheets I saw.

So cute right!?
However, they are not local to us since they have pretty much sold out everywhere.
One of my friends from high school who I kind of lost touch with, but have gotten back in touch with through Facebook, bought them at her local store since they were in stock and is sending them to me! 

How super sweet is she!?

I had planned on buying us the comforter as our own move in gift but after seeing our growing list of "needs", I'm going to put the comforter on the back burner and cross my fingers it's still there when we can afford it!

This week is going to be crazy, finishing packing and getting moved out; wish us luck!

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  1. I loved moving into our house but hate all the expenses! You're right, they totally add up!
    Can I recommend craigslist for washer and dryer though? People are constantly updating to the newest, nicest brands of washers and dryers and selling decent ones on craigslist! We got a really nice set (I think they were about $400 each at home depot, for the updated version) for only $250! The lady was moving and just needed everything OUT and fast. Those are the best ways to get things!


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