The Busy Giffs: One Week

September 7, 2012

One Week

Welp, I did it!
I survived my first week of working at a high school!
I am so so excited and feel so fulfilled doing it.

I'm impressed with how much I retained from school.
I can read an IEP, can implement accommodations, and feel confident discussing protocols with other teachers.
Considering I haven't been to school in over a year, this is pretty fabulous to me!

I work with the most supportive staff and some of the most adorable kids.
Many already know my name and check in with me first thing in the morning when I'm stationed in my hallway.

It is a much smaller school than I have ever worked at or attended. 
The entire school consists of less than 600 students. Yea, four grades, less than 600.
And every student who goes there, had to apply to be there.
So even though we have some difficult children, they are there because they want to be.

And on top of it all, I get home two hours earlier than I used to.
I have time to play with Emmalee, unwind, and even catch some news before it's time to make dinner and start the bed time routine.

This is such an amazing new adventure and I think it's working out wonderfully.
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