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July 20, 2012

I GOT...

A JOB!!!!

I guess I should clarify that I currently have a job, actually I have two, but neither is wonderful nor is it in the field I went to school for!

I'm half way through a masters degree in English Education, and I currently wait tables and watch kids.
Not exactly what I was hoping for.

But like I said, I was offered a job as a paraprofessional for a Vocational high school which will be 3.74 miles away from the new place when we move!!! :) 
I'm so so excited.

Granted, it's not a full out teaching job but since I was unable to do my practicum ( I had a baby and an unemployed husband... 16 weeks of unpaid practicum just didn't fit into my schedule!) I'm happy to be in a school at all!

I'll work 181 days, 7:30-2:16 with holidays, sick pay, etc.
I know that's not much to some people but I've never had that.
And it means I'll have more time with my family, which alone, is the reason I want this.

And, they've already mentioned an upcoming ELA teacher retirement so I'm excited that they are already thinking ahead for me! Sadly, today it's much more who you know than how qualified you are. This is a step in the door, and that's all I asked for.

My largest concern now is getting a wardrobe!
Like I said, I currently work at the restaurant where I wear black pants and company provided shirts.
When I'm with the kids I'm in shorts or jeans and a shirt.
Working in a school means I finally get to buy pretty clothes, wear my pretty shoes and actually think about what I'm wearing more than "Will I care if I get paint on this?"
I'm already searching a few sites and am hoping to snag some deals on a few pieces to at least start the year, and I can always add pieces.
Otherwise, feel free to send me some money or clothes and I'll go for it all at once!

However, I will be rewarding myself with 2 gifts.
I'm very sure I'll be packing my lunch everyday, so I am desperately pining over a real lunch box a la Vera Bradley
How cute!?

And if I'm already at Vera Bradley, I might as well buy myself a great tote for all my school stuff, right!?

I'm loving these three... just have to pick one... I keep going to the pink one... ;)
Theres a Buy one get one sale going on at the Vera Bradley outlet this week/weekend so I may try and finagle my way out of work to get up there! 

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  1. Congratulations! I know the feeling of having a job that you don't like and that isn't even in your FIELD! I'm happy for you that you'll be working in what you went to school for!

  2. Congrats! I've been working as a para in a high school for 4 years now! Believe it or not, you certainly learn a lot from them. Good luck with your new position!

  3. You're brave. Two jobs, with a baby, is very hard I know that. I wish you the best because you deserve it!

  4. Hey Heather!

    I got an notice that Daisy Riley (a vera bradley store in Village Landing, Plymouth) is having a Vera Bradley Birthday party with special sales each hour. It's Thursday 8/9. From 4-5, the sale is 50% off the "lunch bunch". Thought I'd share in case you're interested, although don't know how the discounted price will rival outlet.

    Good Luck with the new job!


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