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June 16, 2012

Guest Post!

I love meeting new bloggers via the web.
If there are link ups or swaps, I usually take part!
Well Helen at Eat.Enjoy.Live hosted a Blog Guest Post swap!

I was lucky enough to get paired up with Pamela, so I'll let her take it from here!

Hello! My name is Pamela, from the blog the Songs on the Way, and Heather has been kind enough to allow me to do a guest post today.

Right now I'm an unmarried twenty-six year old woman living with her parents in South Carolina... but soon I'll be a married woman living in India! (I'll still be twenty-six.)  My fiance, Ryan, and I will be getting married before the end of the year, so as you can imagine this exciting transition is the subject of a lot of my posts, from the paperwork to the mental adjustments and beyond.

Ryan and I are both Christian and the number one purpose of my blog (and my life) is to be devoted to God. I also blog about running the Couch to 5K (I'm about to start week 7 of 9!), adventures I have with my friends (one of my best friends is currently pregnant with twin girls!), some (yarn) craft projects, and occasionally I do book giveaways.

I'm a book reviewer! And since Heather and I share a love of books, she's invited me to talk about what I like to read.

a sample of some books I've recently read
The answer is pretty much everything.

I'm a book reviewer on my blog, and I am currently working with seven different publishers or marketing groups which let me get free books in exchange for blogging about them. They are all Christian organizations, and consequently most of the books I read are Christian in some way. (I've read and reviewed historical, modern, and Amish fiction, all sorts of non fiction, children's books, books aimed at teenagers; I even got my wedding planner for free this way!) However, I also read secular books...

I am so excited to dive into Mockingjay as soon as my mom is finished with it. My mom taunted me gleefully with it earlier, she bought it last night. But we're both very quick readers, so I should have it tomorrow. I've loved the Hunger Game trilogy so far and can't wait to see how it ends (though yes, I know I'm late in the game!)

my lovely Nook
I also like to read ebooks. I got a Nook Simple Touch for Christmas and I love it. The main reason I wanted it was because when I move to India I will no longer be able to get print copies from the publishing companies with which I work, but most also offer ebooks.

And on that note, I'd like to share some free ebooks with you! They are temporarily free, for two of them, today (the sixteenth) is the last day they're free. However, if you're late in reading this post, no worries. The other one isn't free until the seventeenth!

I haven't actually read any of them yet, and I in no way am being asked to promote these. I just like passing on free stuff.

So if you want a free ebook go here.

I hope you all have a great day, and thank you Heather for letting me share your blog today. I hope to see you all over at the Songs on the Way sometime!

Personally, I love her.
You should go stalk her a bit as well. 

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