The Busy Giffs: May 2012

May 31, 2012

Thrifty Thursday


I turned this old cake stand

in to this,

and finally, this!
(with just a can of pink spraypaint and a silver cake board!)

Cake stand 2.99 at Savers
Left over spray paint
4 cake boards for $3.

Not bad right?
I'll be using it for Emmalee's cake smash!

We have plans to do one year photos, and the cake smash right after it!
I can't wait!

But I need help!
Should we do the bib with a hot pink tulle skirt or the onsie with the number 1?
(The skirt isn't pictured, I still have to buy it if that's what we go with!)

Which do you think?
I'd love your input!

Keeping Up With The Giffords

May 30, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Here's a couple of my favorite new pins! Check out the rest of my boards here!

Ps. Did I mention my HUSBAND made his own Pinterest boards!?

Keeping Up With The Giffords

May 26, 2012

Aloha Diapers

I am not, by any means, I diaper brand snob.
We are very lucky that Emmalee has a booty that can stand up to just about anything.
Seriously, we've used the Aquaphor maaaaaybe 5 times in close to a year, ya.
I usually buy the Luvs box from BJ's, which is HUGE, and it lasts us about a month.
However, I jumped when I saw that Babies R Us was selling their Blue Jean diapers for only $5 a box a month back. I mean, with free shipping, how do you say no?!

But even better, Huggies just released their Hawaiian diapers!
I die.
I love these!!

I'm not sure I can stomach the price.
Between eleven and thirteen dollars for 29 diapers, in a size 3.
That's quite a bit as far as price per diaper considering the BJ's Luvs come out to about 11 cents each...

But I do love them.

So, you know, if you happen to be shopping and see them and think of Em's cute little bum...
She's currently a size 3.

May 25, 2012

Book Club!

You have NO IDEA how excited I am to be able to ink up for book club again!
It's been almost a full month since I last did!

Book #21

From Amazon:
Jen Lancaster was living the sweet life-until real life kicked her to the curb. 

She had the perfect man, the perfect job-hell, she had the perfect life-and there was no reason to think it wouldn't last. Or maybe there was, but Jen Lancaster was too busy being manicured, pedicured, highlighted, and generally adored to notice. 

This is the smart-mouthed, soul-searching story of a woman trying to figure out what happens next when she's gone from six figures to unemployment checks and she stops to reconsider some of the less-than-rosy attitudes and values she thought she'd never have to answer for when times were good. 

Filled with caustic wit and unusual insight, it's a rollicking read as speedy and unpredictable as the trajectory of a burst balloon.

6 stars of out 5.
Love. Love. Love.
Maybe I'm biased though.

I grabbed this book because of the second part of the title, "Or never carry a Prada bag to the unemployment office", because it my case, it was a Michael Kors bag to the welfare office. 

I feel like I could have written this book, if I was a bigger bitch and actually blew all of my money on names. 
I'm snobby, at time, but I prefer the term "uppity".
I wear pearls 360 days a year and love love love designers.
But I will never be silly enough to pay full price for them. 

I digress.

This book tells a true story of how a woman was doing well, lost it all but had a happy ending.
That's me, I hope.

Had more than enough money to live comfortably, without being ridiculous, and then went months with paying my rent by selling some of things.
We are still barely getting by, but we're getting by, and that's what's important.
I know we have a happy ending coming...

The author, Jen Lancaster, has a book singing slash reading in NYC next Wednesday, when I have the day off and I'm seriously considering hopping the Amtrak with Emma to go meet her.

I loved this book and will absolutely be reading the others she wrote!

Keeping Up With The Giffords

May 24, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I'm going to be starting a new series called Thrifty Thursdays!

A definition I found for "Thrifty" is :
"Using money and resources carefully, not wasting"

That's basically me in a nutshell.
And, I think, most people.
And I don't know about you, but I LOVE showing off when I score an especially great deal or make something great looking from not much!

So every Thursday (starting NEXT week!) I'll be posting a link so you can show off your newest DIY project or great sale you snagged! I hope you join in.

But for today,
want to see my new coffee table?

Guess how much it was?

No, lower than that.

Nope, still lower.

Thank you very much.

Found this beauty at the Salvation Army during a flash half off sale.
And I guess you could say, it's redefining what my living room will look like when we move!

May 23, 2012

The First Time.

I have a confession.
A dirty shameful confession.

Last night, for the first time ever...

I stopped reading a book midway through.
Gasp, I know.

You can run away screaming now if you'd like but hear me out. 

I am waist deep in my 50 Book Challenge, finishing off my 20th book at the beginning of May.
More than 3 weeks later, I'm still at 20 because it has taken me weeeeeks to read the first 160 pages of this book.
I don't love it.
It's boring and I'm not interested.  

I have not read a full book yet in May.
At the rate I was reading, I should be on my fourth or starting my fifth by now.
As David said, I'll never reach 50 books this year if It takes me another 4 weeks to read the second half of a book I can't stand.

Are we still friends?
Can you look past my shameful actions?

Good, because I'm already 188 pages into a book I started yesterday!
Can't wait to share on Friday!

May 22, 2012

Why do you blog?

"Why do you blog?"

The number one reason: I like to.
It's free & I don't have to go anywhere to do it.
I don't feel guilty about spending money while I do it.

I have met some amazing people through my blog.
Some of them I now talk to on a daily basis via Twitter.
It's comforting when so many of my real life friends are so "not around".

I'm seeing this question even more as I am really getting myself into the blog world.

"Why do you blog?"

Some people are looking to make a living off of it, some people just want to share their arts and crafts projects.
So why do I do it?

I don't expect to make millions off my ramblings.
I don't have a shop or product I'm trying to sell.
I guess I like just having a place where I can write.

There is a difference between writing and blogging, and until January, I really was just writing.
But since, I've been using blogging to network and meet others, rather than make a living.

In an ideal world, I would get to blog about the randomness that I do but more companies would send me fun items to just give away or try out.
I don't want to make money blogging, then it becomes a job and I don't want that.
But if more companies sent me fun things to try out, like when we got to try out the Lamaze Tummy Mat, or tickets to fun events, I would be in heaven.

But that makes me question going to BlogHer.

I'm not a very good blogger, I don't have thousands of followers, and between working full time, having a husband who works opposite shifts, and taking care of a baby, sometimes the blog is on the back burner.
I'd be afraid of sponsors because what if the baby has a bad night and I couldn't post what I wanted to... I would have let someone down.

I am definitely a personal blogger.
Few giveaways, no reviews...

Is there really space for me at a conference full of women who make a living out of this?
 And then top of that, the expenses are daunting to me.

I was lucky enough to win a conference pass and have secured a room for a great discount, but after transportation and meals, I'd still be looking at close to $600.
I know, I know, nothing compared to what some others will pay but when that's the same amount as my half of the rent, it's hard to wrap my head around for something I see as a hobby.

But I still reeeeeeally want to go.

What would you do if you were me?

May 21, 2012

Birthday Gifts

 It's getting closer and we keep getting asked 
"What does Emmalee want for her birthday?"

It's weird because I feel like she has soooo much stuff.
Clothes, toys, everything.
But people want ideas.

Here's a couple things we keep looking at in stores...

All items can be found at Target!

She loves Bubble Guppies, the Muppets, any thing that sings, anything that seems like an electronic,  anything that rolls... she's a really unpicky kid! You really can't go wrong with Fisher Price, Leap Frog or Little Tikes!

If you prefer to buy clothes, she is JUST fitting into 12 months so we're planning on 12 month stuff for the summer and 18 months for the fall/winter if you're a planner like me! 

She is also just starting to outgrow her size 2 shoes and will be in size 3 shoes this summer.

I am VERY excited that one aunt has already told us she is getting her a Savings Bond.
With so many toys and clothes already, this will be amazing to put away for when she's older!
We just recently set up her own bank account so any money she does receive will go into her account until she's old enough to need it!

I can't believe it's just 3 short weeks away!

May 20, 2012

In September...

Ok, before I say what it is, there better be NO "Agaaaaaain??" comments...

We're moving!!

Ya, ya, I know.
But shut up.
We have moved a bit but it's always for something better.
We started in a second floor apartment, moved to a ground floor apartment, moved to a larger apartment in a better part of  town that was updated and now...

We will be moving into a 3 bedroom house!!!!
Yep, a house. A 2 story, 3 bedroom house with a deck and a driveway and a BIG yard for the pups!
It's at the end of a dead end street and is in East Freetown
And, even better than that?
It will be less than what we are paying now!!

Gah, I am so excited!!

The family that lives there now just bought a house so they will be moving out mid July.
During that time, the owners are putting in new carpets, upgrading the kitchen appliances, painting the exterior trim, putting in some new windows, and putting in a new tub/shower surround.
Also, we get to pick out the new paint colors!!
It's going to be so new and pretty...

And the really fabulous thing about finding out now is we have a few months to get things!
Which means I can get the best prices on things like... 

Tools on Father's Day 
(I would like an electric sander, an electric drill, and a crazy industrial stapler)

Summer/Beach Decor at the end of the season
(to decorate my "beach house"!!)

Furniture/Housewares at Back To School Sales
(appliances, furniture, etc)

How awesome!?

So that's our big news! 
Exciting, right?!

May 19, 2012


So I rarely hop on these "photo challenges" but I love that this week's theme is "eyes".
I have a few amazing pictures of Emmalee's eyes, since they are so huge...

But this one is one of my favorites:

Have you linked up with The Paper Mama?

May 18, 2012

Vacation Recap

You know what's awesome?
Yep, I'm a big fan, even if it was only 2 days.

We escaped to Mohegan Sun for two nights for the hub's birthday, courtesy of his aunt who loves it there!

We settled into our gorgeous bedroom...

went swimming in the pool,

Went to Mystic Aquarium.

Made friends with a Beluga,

Bought a book as a souvenir from our first trip together as a family,

Went to dinner at Margaritaville, baby free courtesy of the same fabulous aunt!

but obviously still bought the baby something...

And then stopped at Denny's

 and the Tanger Outlets on the way home!

Was it short?
A bit but we got to relax, just be a family, and we even won some money!
We are already planning Philly for this time next year!

May 14, 2012

11 Months!

So I know I'm a day late... again but things are crazy here!
We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday, because like always, I had to work on the actual holiday.

Saturday started off with my friend's baby shower.  Saying I was excited for t is an understatement.
After multiple attempts of IVF she is FINALLY 33 weeks pregnant due with a little girl!! <3

Mom took Emmalee afterwards so David and I could go see The Avengers!
The cinema by my moms is in the process of a renovation so it now has stadium seats and it was so much better than it ever has been.

We had dinner at Mom's, exchanged gifts, and even got to see my grandmother!
 (Can I tell you how weird it is to have your mom hand you a gift on Mother's Day? Mind Blown.)

Emmalee and David gave me my mother's Day gifts!

Dave was very proud of himself for getting the necklace at 75% off and the watch at almost 50% off! He's so cute when it comes to saving money... he gets excited!
I've clearly trained him well. 

But let's get on to Emmalee!! 
11 months old.
Can you believe it?
Her birthday party is in less than a month and super soon, I'll be the mom to a 1 year old! Yikes!

You are so mobile now!
You can walk if you are holding onto something, dragging yourself down the side of the coffee table or couch and you even go as far as standing straight up on your own without holding onto something for a few seconds. You crawl super fast and love to dance. You kind of look like you're convulsing but I think it's amazing.

Your favorite toy right now is your octopus. You put the ball in it and then have to find which shoe it comes out in. You usually find it and can lift the shoes on your own.  If you look under a couple and can't find it, you try and stick your arm down where you put the ball to get it back.

You still LOVE to eat even though you still only have 2 teeth! You're still eating the same veggies but have decided you love mandarin oranges! You try and eat them all! Plus you started having animal crackers! Otherwise, you are still eating eggs, ham, potatoes, green beans, peas, corn, carrots, apples, turkey, chicken, and pasta! You are still nursing at least 3 times a day, in the morning, after I get home from work and right before bed!! With only a month left until you are a year old, and we can start transitioning to cow's milk, I am so proud of us!

You are just outgrowing your 9 month clothes. I cleaned them out of your closet yesterday since things were starting to get tight. You also are just now outgrowing your size 2 shoes.  I'm super excited about this because we have a pair of pink plaid Sperrys sitting in your closet, waiting for your little feet to turn into size 3! You love shoes, wearing them and throwing them all over the room. You also love bows, pointing to your bow holder every time you get dressed and you don't stop until I put one in your hair. Daddy wants to cut your hair because your bangs are crazy but I still say no, and obviously I win.

You say "Mom" and point at me so I'm pretty sure you have figured it out.  You do the same with "Daah", Bailey is "Baah" and Sable.. well, you just hit her in the face. You just started waving and we're pretty sure you say "hi!". 

You still love reading, and know that you have to flip the pages, but you usually try and flip too fast or flip backwards! You still love Bubble Guppies but Mickey Mouse, Elmo and the Muppets are still favorites as well. You LOVE music. Like, LOVE LOVE music. Your octopus toy plays songs and you will press it until gets to a song you want, and then you dance!

You're still taking 2 naps during the day, usually at 10ish and 4ish but then give us a great stretch from about 8 until 4 or 5 am, which works out well because that's when I get up to get ready for work! Some days you decide you don't want to sleep at all but there's nothing we can do about it.  Usually though, if we put you in the car, you're out in minutes.

You take tubbies in the big girl tub, usually with a few inches of water and TONS of splashing! You hate when I wash your hair but will try and stick your head in the water... crazy. You love when we quack at you, and you giggle like crazy when we sing "washing your beeeeeellllly"....

You have such an amazing personality and it's so funny to watch you all day long.
You love to laugh, which is adorable, and you giggle constantly.
Hide and go seek makes you laugh extremely loud and you love when we snuggle and tickle you.
I can't wait to see your personality continue to develop!

Love you little bug. <3

Oh, and I have BIG news!!
But I'm not sharing it today. :)
We are mid-packed because we're going to Mohegan Sun tomorrow for 2 nights to celebrate Dave's birthday, courtesy of his amazing aunts and Grammie!, but I'll share our BIG news at the end of the week!

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