The Busy Giffs: Wednesday Bullets

April 11, 2012

Wednesday Bullets

There's a lot on my mind today so I want to share all of it, and I'll do it quickly:

- Tots2Tweens announces who wins the free pass to Bloggy Boot Camp today. I hope it's me but the other 9 women up for it are amazing so who knows!

- I've succumbed to the frenzy of 50 Shades of Grey and it's waiting on my Nook to start as soon as I can.

-Emmalee is in a Cute Kid contest and I'd love if you went and liked Tara-Marie Harding Photography, then liked this picture of Emmalee.

- I also created my first PR pitch in an attempt to build up my blog as it's own brand and get a pass to BlogHer12. It's posted here at Cocktail Deeva's website.  She is giving away the ticket and the more comments I get, the better. Plus, if you guys let me know what's good and bad, I can continue to grow this here ol' blog into something amazing.

- I have officially become obsessed with statement jewelry. Mostly bracelets and necklaces, but obviously only one at a time, and I have this compulsive need to buy lots.  Thankfully I haven't but it's an itch I would reeeeeeally love to scratch.

- Dave and I want out of our apartment like it's an STD. We keep looking at new places and because of our pups, we keep hitting brick walls. Cross your fingers we figure something out because we really don't want to give up a pup but we really don't want Emma to grow up here.

- I've submitted no less than 16 application overs the past 2 weeks. Now that Dave is set at his new job, I can start to think about a new one for myself.  I think maybe my goals are set too high though...

Ya. That's it.  It's a lot. But I'm glad it's out on paper.
How about you?
What's weighing on your mind?


  1. Wow, that is a serious to-do list. I was procrastinating and blog browsing....rather that going for a run, marking some essays and starting some school planning. I have been feeling guilty since I woke up late this morning about how much I want to do today...I really wanted to craft something...but I dont' think that will be happening now. Work first. I'm also daydreaming a bit about helping my boyfriend choose his furniture for his new flat...many trips to furniture stores are heading my way in the evenings this week. Well, you've put my list of to-dos to shame, so I will be heading off to help you with the BlogHer thing....and turning my computer off so I can do what I am meant to be doing!

    Thanks and good luck,

    Rosie xx

  2. I can't wait to read Fifty Shades of Grey... Your To-Do List makes me want to get motivated with all I have to do. I have some major changes coming up! Be careful submitting a lot of apartment applications. If they are doing background checks and you have multiple ones done in a short period of time it will lower your credit score. Just a heads up!


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