The Busy Giffs: RIP Pins

March 26, 2012

RIP Pins

Ok, so I'm overexaggerating.

I've been listening in to the whole "controversy" that is Pinterest and I must say I'm completely confused.
Yes, I understand professionals don't want their images taken and used by someone else, but am I the only person who knows about watermarking?

I have a couple of my own prints up on Pinterest but honestly, I just make them for fun so I don't watermark them; if you want them, have at it.
The reason I put them up there...
To draw more people to my blog.

It's FREE advertising. That's it.

But in an effort to be ethical, I have purged many of my images. If they don't link back to the original page that they are from, see ya later.

I mean, if I clicked on my pictures and they linked back to someone else's page I'd be a bit confused...

So I apologize if some of your favorite pins are gone but I'm sure they're still out there somewhere! 

1 comment:

  1. All this pinterest stuff is just so confusing to me!


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