The Busy Giffs: How Pinteresting!

March 7, 2012

How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday so we know what that means!

Here's my favorite pins of the past week!

I love this room. The colors, the frames, the bed spread. I could picture this being Emma's room when she grows up.

Happens every time.


Revolutionizing lunch safety.

Any other good pins?
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(If by some craziness you DONT have Pinterest yet-- let me know and I can send you an invite!)


  1. the slim shady one...and your daughters pic is so cute! have a great rest of the week!

  2. love all your pins! awesome sandwhich bag! haha

    xo, emily

  3. that baby with the headphones is adorable. makes my heart smile! too cute. great pins girl!

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  4. That sandwich bag is great! I need one to keep in my fridge at home! :)

  5. Oh that first room is so pretty!! Happy Wednesday!

  6. Oh that Target pin is totally me! I do this on a weekly basis! What is wrong with me?! And that sandwhich bag is hilarious! I am so going to remember this when my son goes to school.
    Great pins girl!


  7. The sandwich bag cracked me up! Great pins! Have a fab rest of your week!

  8. I had to repin the Slim Shady one. What can I say? I'm a sucker for wordplay.


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