The Busy Giffs: 2 Months Later

March 1, 2012

2 Months Later

It's March 1st.
Made me think about my resolutions...

1. Make smarter food decisions. Less soda, more water.
Doing super well with this one since I also decided to just give up soda for Lent. David's on board and doing it as well so even though there's a bottle of root beer sitting on our counter, I've opted for sparkling water instead. It makes me happy.

2. Try to do Zumba at least 3 times a week.
Whomp whomp. But in defense, I have been using the Wii Fit after I clean up and pump at the kids' house.  I'm honestly making better decisions about eating too so ya, I guess I still need to work on this one.

3. Take more pictures (if that's possible).
I think I'm taking pictures every other day, at least so I am going with this. I think I need to edit it to "Have more pictures of me and Emmalee" since I have, um, close to none, or maybe "Make David take more pictures of Me and Emmalee"...

4. Keep the Facebook page updated regularly.
I'm okay with this. Was doing really great but kind of dropped off a bit. I still post to it, just not as much. I may kill it.

5. Attend a blog conference, and I kind of have my heart set on BlogHer '12-- anyone want to help me figure out some fundraising ideas???
Truth time-- I applied for a sponsorship to BlogHer but at over $200, not including transportation and lodging, I don't think I can swing it. Honestly, not super disappointed though; I'd rather put that money into our family.. maybe take a mini vacation...

6. Run a 5K. Maybe it will help with the baby weight?
David and I are hoping to do this together so we just need to pick a date and then make ourselves do it!

7. Get a manicure once a month. Or a massage. Or something that constitutes as "me time". 
I had me time last month! I went shopping at target, but still... baby free and no time constraints! Does Pinterest count as "me time", I'm obsessed...

8. Attempt the 50 Book Challenge again; maybe this time I'll actually complete it.
I've already read 11 books! Woooo hoooo! I'm very proud of myself for this one!

9. Put "labels" on my blog posts.
Big kudos on this one too since I've been great! 

I'm pretty proud of myself for my fabulous work on my goals!!
How are your resolutions going?

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