The Busy Giffs: March 2012

March 30, 2012

The New Look of Ugg

We all know UGG for their terrible boots.

I take that back, I do like them. They are the most comfortable and convenient shoes ever but, let's be honest, they offer very little support and as my husband says, they are "UGG"-ly.

However, I am in love with some of their spring styles.

I can't justify the price tag buuuut I do love the styles!

March 29, 2012

My first BLOG SALE!

I've seen a few others do this and in an attempt to clean out some things I never use, I figured I would offer these things to some of my favorite people before throwing them up on Facebook/Ebay.

If you're not local, add an extra $5 and I'll ship it out to you!
Can do Paypal or, if you're local, I'll meet up!
And if you're not a fan of my asking price, make an offer! :)

Victoria's Secret Medium, fits my feet 7/8, unworn, can not buy in stores anymore, retails $15.50, asking $10.

Authentic wristlet, Used a handful of times. $15.

Small Coach bag, Inside shows wear, $20.

Has a good amount of wear on handles $15.

Never used, $25.

Charlotte Russe wristlet, used maybe 3 times $5.

NEVER USED! Coach Wallet $25.

NEVER USED! Michael Kors wallet $25.

Large C Coach wristlet $10
used 2/3 times.

Authentic leather Coach wristlet $20.

Coach wristlet $10

Dooney pink barrel bag. $25

Charlotte Russe clutch, used a few times $5

wristlet $10

March 28, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

I'm a little late to the party this week.
It's been one hell of a month so I'm sharing some laughter this week.
Here's a couple of my favorites.

Hope these made you smile too!

March 26, 2012

RIP Pins

Ok, so I'm overexaggerating.

I've been listening in to the whole "controversy" that is Pinterest and I must say I'm completely confused.
Yes, I understand professionals don't want their images taken and used by someone else, but am I the only person who knows about watermarking?

I have a couple of my own prints up on Pinterest but honestly, I just make them for fun so I don't watermark them; if you want them, have at it.
The reason I put them up there...
To draw more people to my blog.

It's FREE advertising. That's it.

But in an effort to be ethical, I have purged many of my images. If they don't link back to the original page that they are from, see ya later.

I mean, if I clicked on my pictures and they linked back to someone else's page I'd be a bit confused...

So I apologize if some of your favorite pins are gone but I'm sure they're still out there somewhere! 

March 24, 2012

Which one?

So I need help.
I actually found a bathing suit I LOVE.

This is huge.
I haven't really liked a bathing suit since like 1999, when I was still skinny enough to wear one.
Couple in my post baby fat and swim season is that much scarier.
However, this year, we have a pool! 
Meaning: I need a swimsuit to take Emmalee out in!

I popped into Old Navy quick and tried one on and i have to say, I'm thrilled, I literally LOVE it on.
So here's my dilemma, I don't know which one to buy!
Which would you pick?

Help me pick!

March 23, 2012

Book Club (13, 14 & 15) & Nail Files

Being sneaky and doing a double link up,
that's right.. TWO! In one post.
Crazier things have happened.


Book Club!
I have three more books to add to this month!

Clearly I drank the Hunger Games Koolaid.
I love them and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go see it alone this afternoon since everyone else seems to be at work and Dave has his draft tonight so he won't be home to watch the bug. Call me selfish, but I want to be able to actually watch the whole thing. Not sure how Emmalee will be so I'm not taking my chances.
Honestly, I'm fine with it; I'll call it my me time for the month! :)

But while looking at Hunger Games stuff, I found a few amazing things to link up with over at fabulous but evil.

The Nail Files

I'm sure I'll post more post-movie!

March 22, 2012

Summer, summer, summer tiiiiiime.

Ok, so it's only March but with temperatures in the 70's for the past two days, it has definitely felt like it.
If we lived in Texas or Florida, it wouldn't be so great buuuut in the small state of Massachusetts, we usually don't see these temps until early June!

Last year, during the summer, Emma was still a little peanut and with a 90* heat wave, I didn't push it going outside so this was really one of Emma's first times "playing" outside.

March 20, 2012


I'm disappointed.
Can't hide it it; wont lie.

How about you?

March 18, 2012

Do you know yet? -A

Tonight is the season finale of Pretty Little Liars!

Emmalee and I curl up every Monday and watch it... ok, well I watch it and she nurses but that's beside the point.
So tonight's big reveal is...

Gah, I seriously can't wait.

So here's the usual suspects:









The Twin

I know there's more suspects... so who do you think it is?

I can not wait for 8 pm!!!

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