The Busy Giffs: Getting bigger.

February 2, 2012

Getting bigger.

Ok, so I know it's not yet time for the 8 month update for the Princess but I have to share!
She has grown leaps and bounds in just a couple short weeks.

I just packed up 95% of her 3-6 month clothing because finally, at 7 and a half months, she is too big for them! Her little legs shot out and are now way too long for the 3-6's; they all look like capri's. :)
Also, we realized that we no longer need her swing, her Bumbo, her Boppy, her whale bathtub or Rock N Play sleeper. I have so much that she won't use again.

And she sits on her own now!
She'll push up from being on her hands and knees and sits straight up!

And also, because of this, we needed to drop her crib mattress down a bit. It was up as high as it could go because all she was doing was rolling but now that she's mobile, I don't want to learn that she can pull herself up when she pulls herself over the railing.

She is still crawling backwards, which my mom told me is all I used to do, so wierd.
But now, she throws herself forward too.
She'll be on her hands and knees and then just lunges forward and belly flops.

It just seems like all of a sudden she's too big for her stuff and is growing way too fast.

I'm happy that she's growing but everyday she is becoming more and more of a big girl and less of my baby

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