The Busy Giffs: Which would you pick?

January 30, 2012

Which would you pick?

Next month, one of my favorite things happens.
My phone turns 2 years old and I am eligible for a brand new one. Love when that happens.
So here's the thing...

What do I get?

Hubby and I have our T-mobile plan and have had it for a while.
We had to extend our contract to get better pricing but since we didn't upgrade our phones then, we'll have full upgrades now.

I'm not sure what to do!

I know I love my Android but I am so interested in the new Windows phone!

It seems to have amazing reviews but I'm not sure if I'm willing to make the jump to a new platform!
Any advice?


  1. My husband had the Windows phone and LOVED it. He only left it behind when he got an iPhone (which he loves more).

    1. Thats so good to know! I'm not a fan of Apple, um anything.. I know, so weird, but knowing that he liked the windows is good news!

  2. What type of Android do you have? Mine has given me so many problems but if you like yours, then definitely stick with something along the same lines! The windows phone does have good reviews so I say go for it!

  3. I have an iphone and I wish I had an android!

  4. My coworker just got that phone and LOVES it! She says it's amazing.


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