The Busy Giffs: I'm not here today.

January 31, 2012

I'm not here today.

I know, you're devastated.

I'm actually featured as a breastfeeding momma over at I am Not the Babysitter.
Check it out!

And since I LOVE Target Tuesday...

Here's a list of the newest things I "need" now that the Princess is crawling!

We took the bumpers out of her crib but now she sticks her legs through the slats so we need to get something...

I like this one with the doors becuase we can actually latch them shut, can't with our current one.
I'm not sure I LOVE this one but it looks a lot like our current one and Dave likes it!

She's getting too tall for her jumperoo and I think she would love this to be able to kick around in.

A gate.

Baby proofing! 

A really great toy organizer.
She is accumulating toys faster than I know where they are coming from.
We have a small basket in the living room but it is full and over flowing so we definitely need a new way to organize!

Not much fun this week but it helps me build my shopping list!

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  1. that toy organizer is really cute!

  2. that toy organizer is adorable! And I need new bumpers also, Gracie has RIPPED all of hers off! crazy girl

  3. I have that toy organizer from Target and it is probably one of the most useful things I've ever purchased. Makes cleaning the toy area so much easier!


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