The Busy Giffs: I have a 7 month old.

January 13, 2012

I have a 7 month old.

 My beautiful little girl is 7 months old today!
Can you believe it?
She gets more grown up and gorgeous every day.

And I was smart enough to iron on her month numbers this time so I was able to get pictures of her being cute, not her trying to rip off the sticker

I'm pretty sure she thought she was at a photo shoot and started posing for me.

So let's see...

You have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few weeks.
You love your fruits and veggies; there are very few that you make a face to!
Very often you try and eat the whole jar!
We're still nursing but because its been very hard to pump at work lately, we'll be introducing formula very soon as a supplement bottle while I'm at work.
We do have some milk stored up so hopefully we can do half and half bottles until you are old enough for cow's milk.

You love, love, love songs and when mommy sings. It doesn't even matter what, you just smile.
You still do your super screech/giggle/laugh that I love but you have a true honest to goodness laugh that just melts my heart.
You are super ticklish and when you see mommy or daddy coming in to get your belly, you curl yourself up and laugh before we can even touch you!

You and the pups have become very very good friends. When we let them out of their crates when we get home, they rush to you first.  If you're playing on the ground, Sable will army crawl to you and then roll over on her back so you can give her loves and she loves to snuggle with you when you lay on the couch with me!

You have the most amazing blue eyes.
And your hair is getting very very light. I think you're going to be a little blondie like I was. You let Daddy brush your hair in the mornings and you have become fascinated with your bow collection that's behind your changing table. Every time you get changed, you grab a new bow... and I let you wear it!

You sit up unsupported now, which is crazy to me.
Sometimes you still fall backwards because you get excited and throw yourself backwards or because you try and look straight up and end up toppling.
You're like a little Weeble though because you roll right over and start going again.

You don't use your whale tubby anymore. You like the big tub instead! I need to buy something like this because you still seem so small inside our big tub. Your toys float too far away and then you get mad!
You also never use your bouncer seat, you've gotten too big for it. You like to be either sitting straight up or on your belly so you can move somewhere. And, we haven't used the Rock N Play in about 2 weeks!
Most nights you sleep in your crib, or at least start out in your crib. The transition hasn't been very easy but it seems to be working!

You still can't crawl but in the past 36 hours you've learned how to lift up your belly and get on all fours so I'm sure it will happen soon.
For now, you are still super mobile.
You can crawl backwards and roll and if we take our eyes off of you for a minute, you're on the other side of the room.
Last night Daddy heard you making noise but couldn't see you because you had scooted yourself under the coffee table!

I just love you so much. <3


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