The Busy Giffs: C. O. Bigelow

January 17, 2012

C. O. Bigelow

I'm in love. Literally, in love with this stuff.
I bought a small pot of it at the Bath & Body Works Sale.
86 cents.
Normally $5.50 but was 75% off and then somehow came out to 86 cents.
I was thrilled.

It's the all in one amazingness.
Chapped lips. It does that.
I'm too cheap to get manicures. I can paint my own nails but in the winter my cuticles get brutal.
This stuff makes them soft and pretty again.
Dry skin on your elbow. Um yep. And eww.
This will make them super smooth as well.

I wish they had a bigger container of it because I'm obsessed.

What's your go to winter go to product?
Because I'm seriously sure I just found mine!

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