The Busy Giffs: 6, 7 & 8

January 27, 2012

6, 7 & 8

That's right-- 3 books this week!

I'm amazed that all I've had to do is read instead of surfing on my phone while nursing Emmalee and I've upped my reading by leaps and bounds. So here we go...

Ok, let me preface by saying I had never heard of these books before but I had the twins at story time and saw a hot pink library book. I had to pick it up. It was hot pink and had cake on the front. 
Of course I checked it out.
Apparently this book is like the 9th in a series. Oh well. Still was good. A light, quick read with TONS of recipes sprinkled throughout the book, kind of cool. Well heres the thing...

The book doesn't end. Like at all.

The story mentions an earlier bank robbery, the book uncovers a mistaken identity plot, they discuss the jewels again but theres no legit resolution.

That's like going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and not realizing it's only the first part. This book doesnt say to be continued, it should have been all tied up at the end, and it wasnt.

And honestly, I'm so angry at the book, I don't even want to find out what the next one in the series is.

Another Pretty Little Liars book, I know, I know. But they're so fun.
I love these four ladies and A is just amazing.

This book kind of backtracks, to the summer right after Ian was arrested. It has more of A's point of view in it and is separated into 4 smaller stories, one about each girl. All four stories happen simultaneously, but are completely separate, unlike the other books in her series.

This book adds NOTHING to the other stories. Except for the mentions of Ian, you could read this book without reading any others and be perfectly fine.

Definitely not my favorite of her books but still enjoyable.

So this book was recommended to me every time I posted anywhere about book recommendations.
I am so glad it was.
It was a really great read.
Have you read it? Have you read The Giver? Do they seem very similar to you as well?
Maybe just the idea of the disjointed society.. I don't know but all I could think of was Jonas running through the woods...
I will defiantly be reading the other books in the series and maybe, even watching the movie when it comes out!

What are you reading?
Any more suggestions for me?


  1. That's sad that the first book ended up being in the middle of a series!!

  2. I have never read Hunger Games, but I hear it's all the rage now! Also, my sisters are obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and keep trying to get me to watch. I haven't done that either yet =)

  3. "I'm so angry at the book, I don't even want to find out what the next one in the series is" - will have me giggling for a while. Ninth book in a series? Holy series!

  4. Oh nooooooo! I am on book #6 of the Hannah Swenson series - I freaking LOVE them! :(

    I really want to read some of Sara Shepard's books. My sister-in-law said they were good. Much better than the shows.

    AND Hunger Games is the bomb :D


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