The Busy Giffs: What a Week, and Post!

December 8, 2011

What a Week, and Post!

Phewwww. I can finally breath again. I feel like we've been going nonstop since Saturday morning, which I guess is understandable because we have been.

Last summer at our wedding.

David's grandfather passed away over the weekend and even though I've only met him a few times, I know that he was amazing. The first time I met him, David and I had been engaged for about 3 weeks already. I hadn't met anyone from his Connecticut family yet. Yes, we had a bit of a whirlwind romance, I'm sure I'll share it all one day, but he had proposed and I was extremely nervous meeting his family.

I already had the ring; what if they hated me? What if they we're pissed at him for choosing me? What if no one liked me? And yes, I really do think these things when meeting new people... it's casual.

There's no denying I can be a very outgoing person but for some reason I was petrified and completely afraid of everything and everyone that Christmas Eve night. I was a stranger, joining them on Christmas Eve because their grandson/nephew had proposed and no one even knew who I was... yep.

I remember sitting at their dining room table, very quiet, saying 'please', 'thank you', answering everything with short quick answers because I was so afraid I'd say the wrong thing. Poppy Joe sat down at the table with a dish of food and everyone started to pick on him for it, commenting how they couldn't believe he could eat it, etc. Curious, I asked what it was. Conch Ceviche. Oh man, I hadn't had any since I been to Belize years earlier and was very excited so I asked if I could have some and Poppy Joe and I started talking about seafood and my travel to Belize. Then about how I'm a seafood snob growing up in Plymouth by the Point. Which then translated into what other food I liked and pasta came up. Poppy Joe and I spent most of the night talking about food and our families and when we left that night, I wasn't afraid that his family hated me because Poppy Joe made me feel comfortable.

It breaks my heart that Emmalee will never meet him but I know for sure that she will know who he is.

As unfortunate as death is, Poppy Joe's death did what he would have wanted it to do, brought together family to eat and drink together. We got the phone call on Saturday morning, I was able to leave work and we went right to CT to be with Grammie, Donna, Nick and the family.

We came home Saturday night, went to work on Sunday, and I was sick all day Monday. I literally slept from 11-3, did errands for CT and then was back asleep from 6-11 and 11:30- 7 am on Tuesday. David was a doll and brought Emmalee to her great-grandparents house in the morning so I could have a few hours in bed alone. 

Tuesday was the wake and Wednesday was the funeral so we packed up and went to CT for the night. We left midmorning on Tuesday, spent the whole day with family, said our goodbyes Tuesday night, went back on Wednesday for the burial, ate way too much food at a wonderful Irish Pub and made our way home.

with her grandpa.

posing before the wake.


Wednesday morning in the big comfy bed.

Did I mention, she was SO good??? Between the 3 hour drives, the mess ups to her schedule, the 4 hour wake and 3 hours between dropping Dave at the funeral home and the end of the actual funeral, she didn't cry. The only crying was after the funeral service when I was putting her in her car seat, because she didn't want to go in it, but that was it! Everyone kept commenting on how wonderful she was!

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    "it's casual"

    Def got to bring that back! Sorry to hear about Dave's grandfather my prayers are with you all


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