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December 10, 2011


Ok, so here it is... the story of "us". I've been promising it for a while and the baby is in bed and I need to come down off my caffeine buzz so here we go.

Honestly, this story starts way, way earlier than when we met and without knowing the events leading up to our relationship, it won't make sense to you but that's just long and crazy and yucky so you're getting the reader's digest version of it.

Had a terrible boyfriend (reeeeally should have listened to my mom when she told me he was terrible).
Broke up with terrible boyfriend.
Found out I was pregnant by said terrible boyfriend.
Lost the pregnancy. Lost my mind.
Dropped out of Bridgewater because I seriously could not deal with my life.
Moved home with mom.
Met terrible boyfriend #2, only we didn't know he was terrible at the time.
Moved in with #2.
Adopted Sablepup.

Bought a condo.
Got pregnant again.
Once again, the pregnancy ended too soon.
Got a phone call from #2 telling me he was all done and I needed to move out.
Moved back in with my mom January 2nd, 2009.

2009 was the year of my life.
St Patrick's Day in Boston, Ft. Lauderdale Skeezefest 2009, TBones, actually having fun, dating without a long term mentality, Red Sox, Third Eye Blind, Dave at Fenway, Mr and Mrs Boobentits wedding, Whose da wife, and Emmy's wedding.

I decided to finish my degree and double enrolled at Bridgewater and Quincy so I could graduate in 2009 still. And until June, there was a boy we'll call Mr. Boston.

Mr. Boston and I were just friends. Friends who spent a good amount of time together. Neither of us wanted a relationship but it quickly started feeling like one. In June, my best friend, we'll call her B, and I had plans in Boston every weekend and since he's Mr. Boston, he was always invited. Things finally just imploded and we got into a fight. Instead of going to Boston with B, we opted for the townie dive, T-Bones, and yes, it's as terrible as the name sounds.

At the bar, we saw a guy with a Build A Bear t-shirt on; the pocket said "Hugs $10". I used to work there, I thought it was cute so when we walked by him, I smiled, said "cute shirt" and he replied with the super slick "For you, they're free" and hugged me. B and I diiiiiiiiiied laughing when we hit the bathroom but he definitely had caught my attention. As I walked by, he handed me a VERY large mixed drink, which was my favorite... I'm still convinced he creeped but he says he didn't even buy it...

We met on Whitehorse a couple nights later, walked the beach and watched the fireworks people were shooting off early. We had our first kiss that night and I knew he was special.

On the July 3rd, 2009, David and our friend V parked at my parents house and we walked down to Whitehorse Beach.

After a week of dating, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I said no.

I had 5 classes, was still trying to figure out what to do with my life after terrible boyfriend and #2. I knew he was special but I wanted to finish school and knowing how I can be in a relationship, I didn't want to lose focus.
This happened a few times.

My mom commented that I started dropping the "wedding" word and "when I get married..."
I had never mentioned marriage. ever. with anyone. Let alone a guy who wasn't actually even my boyfriend. We talked about the future and marriage, but I was still in classes and didn't want to mess it up.

In September, right before classes started, he asked again.  He told me he wanted to make sure everyone on campus knew I was "taken" so they didn't think they'd have a chance. :) I said yes.

September to December was a blur. I had 3 senior seminars, was so close to graduating and I knew David wanted to ask me to marry him. When you know, you know. We knew we were each other's "one" and I asked him to let me finish school before he asked.

He never listens to me.  The week before finals, on December 4th, we went out to the Plymouth Festival of Trees at the Plimouth Plantation. I thought he was mad at me because we wan't speaking much and kept walking away from me. He told me later that he was saying things in his head figuring out how he would ask and kept walking away because I kept trying to put my hand in his back pocket and that's where the ring was... As we were leaving, we climbed the top of the steps and he grabbed my arm, pulled me in and kissed me.  When I pulled back, there was a ring between us.

So, yes, I was engaged within 6 months of meeting him. I'm fine with it.  We planned a long engagement, figuring close to 2 years but when we found out that Nicholas, my brother was eligible for deployment in the coming Fall and would most likely be leaving, we bumped up everything and got married 8 months later.

We stayed local and honeymooned in Newport, which was amaaaaaazing.
Found out I was only a month along the first week of October and Emma arrived 8 months later.

We've moved apartments, gotten a second pup and even though it's only been 2 and half years since I met him, I love him more than I ever thought I could/would. Yes, we rushed through some major milestones but that doesn't make them any less special.

People think I'm crazy when I say how fast it all happened but when you look at our little family, it's hard to imagine us without each other.


  1. I think your story is beautiful and as long as it's perfect to you, who cares! Congrats on all the happiness in your life, after those horrible boyfriends you deserve it!

  2. beautiful story! Sometimes you just have to kiss a lot of frogs before you reach the one! I know I have and I couldn't be happier with where I'm at now :)


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