The Busy Giffs: A series of unfortunate events

October 1, 2011

A series of unfortunate events

Thank God for my mom. I write constantly how much I love her and how amazing she is, and after today, I really have to thank her for the things she "stuck" in my head and refused to let me forget.

Today, her main mantra was part of our conversation: "It could always be worse".

So let me backtrack.

Maybe two weeks ago(?), Emma and I were driving home and as we got off the exit, we were rear ended. We were in Dave's big Envoy and were fine. His car has some chipped paint and a few skid marks on it from the other car's paint, but the other car was in worse shape than us and because he also had a screaming child in his car, we took care of it quick and were on our way. I am so happy that we were fine. Did it suck that we were in a car accident, yes, but it could have been worse.

Last weekend, while attempting to de-clutter, I moved the futon from our living room to our yard so that we could get rid of it. Sometime between when I got the futon out the door and the time I went to go back in through the slider, something fell and barred the slider door only allowing it to be opened about 3 inches. Did I mention Emma was in her bouncy seat while I did this? Oh, and Dave was at work? Emma was screaming and I couldn't get to her. I called for the management to come unlock me but instead Mama Monster came out and I ended up taking out a window and crawling through. I still have the bruises on my legs, arms and stomach to prove it. Awesome. But here's the thing... Emma was secured in her seat and ended up falling asleep from crying. It could have been worse.

And today, we had a fire. No, lets change that, my laptop burst into flames. Yep, that's more on point. Because it hadn't been turning on, it was powered off, on the bookcase next to Dave's desk where the laptop is. I had Emmalee on my lap sitting at the desk and I was thirsty so we got up and went to the kitchen. While in the kitchen, I heard what I thought was a gunshot, I live in New Bedford, and looked out to see my laptop engulfed in flames. Reminder: NOT powered on, just plugged into the wall. So I jumped obviously. Saw flames and booked it out of the house with Emmalee. Bailey came running out, actually took out the screen door and ran. She decided to seek refuge in a car that our Indian (no, not Native American, Indian) neighbors were getting into and refused to get out. No coaxing would help. I eventually just lifted her out and put her in my car but couldn't find Sable. She had apparently run back into her crate and wouldn't come out for the firemen. I called and called and as I did, the laptop exploded again. At this point the fire engines were arriving and it was just a mess. The laptop exploded 5 separate times. The book case it was on is now garbage and most of Dave's computer games are not salvageable. I feel worst about his Larry Bird cover newspaper from decades ago. It was on the shelf waiting to be framed. Oops.

my poor laptop :(

Our rug is foul and covered in soot and even after 3 buckets of water, the wall has a gorgeous gray tinge to it. I'm pretty sure parts of the rug melted, otherwise, I have no idea what these black chunks are. I'll have to call management tomorrow to see how exactly to proceed. The firemen aired the place out but I just found soot in the bathroom so who knows how much is circulating in the air...

But, here's the thing...It could have been worse.
We could have been out of the house. We could have been asleep. We could have still been sitting at the desk with Emma in my lap.

Do I feel plagued lately, like everything is going wrong? I did, but my mom reminded, I didn't lose anything I cant replace... ok well I cant replace Dave's collectible newspaper but I know that if Dave had to choose Emma and me or the newspaper, we'd win hands down.

Hopefully this it.  Hopefully, they'll just chop out some of the carpet and give a new one or they'll come in and repaint our walls and we can just go on with everything else.

Despite everything, we're blessed. We've experienced a series of unfortunate events but I'd have to say we are the luckiest people I know.

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  1. Oh my gosh! It definitely could have been worse but still so scary! Hopefully things will go up from here!


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