The Busy Giffs: 4 months!

October 13, 2011

4 months!

Happy 4 months little girl!

You laugh, giggle and screech in excitement.

You can roll from back to front... and front to back. You're already pulling your knees under you, you can sit up if I support you, and you can support your weight on your legs for a bit when you stand.

You are just starting to find your feet... and your tongue. You are always sticking it out.

Bailey seems to be your best friend, other than that other baby in the mirror-- you love her! Other best friends include Mr. Octopus and Mr. Duck, from the bathtub, your giraffe friend and your Doodlebug!

You tell the best stories. Your eyes light up and have the best punch lines. Mommy and Daddy always end up laughing at your tales!

You still prefer mommy and daddy's bed over your own crib. And mommy keeps falling asleep while feeding you so this could keep going for a while.

You are getting so big and you are so alert and aware of the world around you. I love watching you discover new things.

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