The Busy Giffs: 100 Things & my FIRST Link Up!

October 11, 2011

100 Things & my FIRST Link Up!

A list of 100 things that make me happy...
  1. Emmalee's smile.
  2. Chocolate milk.
  3. The smell of rain.
  4. The smell of cut grass.
  5. The way laundry feels straight out of the dryer.
  6. The smell of David's cologne.
  7. When someone holds the door open for me.
  8. Finding the shoes you've been pining over, and they're on sale.
  9. Saving more in coupons than what I spent out of pocket.
  10. Coupons and savings in general.
  11. My mom.
  12. ...Knowing that I'm turning into her.
  13. Being able to provide for my family.
  14. My lunchbox.
  15. Little socks, and clothes, and shoes, and....
  16. Soft serve vanilla ice cream... with caramel.
  17. Kenny Chesney
  18. Tuesday night dates on the couch with Em and Pretty Little Liars.
  19. The pups excitement when I come home.
  20. The little smile Emma makes when shes eating.
  21. Scrapbooking.
  22. Caramel Apples
  23. Apple Cider Donuts
  24. Flip flops
  25. Ben & Jerry's Ice cream
  26. Gummy bears
  27. Consignment sales
  28. DIY Projects
  29. Pinterest
  30. The Bump
  31. Taking pictures
  32. Mail in the mailbox
  33. Unexpected packages on my door step
  34. Being able to actually decorate our apartment
  35. Lightening bolts
  36. Large graphic prints, especially of great quotes
  37. Anything Plymouth
  38. Reading other peoples blogs
  39. Winning things
  40. Weddings
  41. Purple sunrises
  42. Traveling, or dreaming about traveling
  43. When strangers tell me how wonderful Emmalee is
  44. Knowing that I have an amazing group of friends
  45. Stereotypical jokes, I know, Im terrible.
  46. Knowing I'm not nearly as dependent on my phone as I used to be
  47. Planning things we'll do as Emmalee gets older.
  48. The Christmas tree in Rockafeller Plaza
  49. The first (and only the first) snow of the year
  50. The first beach day of the year
  51. Doing nothing
  52. Reading a crappy book
  53. Midnight showings of movies
  54. Funfetti cake
  55. Chocolate chip cookies
  56. My marriage, well David in general.
  57. Watermelon margaritas from Sam Diegos
  58. Malibu and Pineapple
  59. Marylous iced vanilla chai or an oreo cookie monster with some Baileys mixed in.
  60. Crappy tv shows
  61. Disney movies
  62. Coach anything.
  63. New haircuts
  64. A perfect manicure... that I don't ruin within minutes...
  65. Eating outside
  66. Yoga pants
  67. Taco salad
  68. Frosting
  69. When people tell me I look great for having a 3 month old, or just great in general
  70. Privacy contact paper from Lowe's.
  71. Clean sheets
  72. Bookstores
  73. Sunflowers
  74. Fuzzy decorated socks
  75. Bright nail polish
  76. Meeting a new person
  77. Sarcasm
  78. Having a washer and dryer in my apartment
  79. Finding money in my pants pocket while/after doing laundry
  80. Seeing a rainbow
  81. Jumping in rain puddles
  82. Green frogs and purple butterflies
  83. My tattoos
  84. Plays at the Opera House
  85. Being barefoot
  86. Mini golf
  87. Newport, RI
  88. Fall weather
  89. Boots and scarves in the fall
  90. City maps of foreign places
  91. Bubble baths
  92. My Pandora charms
  93. Yankee candles, especially ones that smell like food
  94. Christmas decorations
  95. Thanksgiving dinner
  96. When I come home and all the chores are already done
  97. Fairs/Carnivals, especially ones with Fried Dough! :)
  98. Party planning
  99. Giving gifts
  100. Being able to appreciate the little things.

So I just sat here and wrote it out real quick... literally 15 minutes to list 100 things. 
I'm going to attempt my first Link Up!! You don't have to do 100 things but lets see what makes YOU happy! Link up and Share!

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