The Busy Giffs: (100) Little Things.

October 6, 2011

(100) Little Things.

I have, more than once referred to this week as the "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week". I'm just exhausted emotionally and physically and the punches just kept coming after the fire.

Sunday morning, Dave received a text that a close friend had passed.
We had issues with our insurance and covering some of the damage.
Today, another high school friend has passed away.

It just doesn't stop. But that's not what I'm going to focus on. Instead, it's time to share the happy things that were overshadowed the past couple days.

1. Emmalee won some MAM pacifiers on Facebook! Super excited for free stuff! And yes, my daughter is a paci baby, so shoot me.

2. I also received an email about testing a product with Emmalee and I cant wait to try it out! My momma friends will want to stay tuned for that!


I blogged about these boots weeks ago and have been on a search for them since. They are constantly sold out on Target's website and are never in any stores. Well randomly tonight, while looking at runner carpets, because cl;early they are the same thing, a little box popped up saying "Limited Quantity in Kingston, Ma". I called and there is ONE pair in stock. In my size. ohmygod. They are currently on hold in Kingston and I feel perfectly justified because we're going to Plymouth so my mom can watch Emmalee tomorrow while we go to the wake.

3a. A blogger friend sent me a $5 coupon off any Mossimo item so I'll save more on the boots! :)

3b. After the wake, Dave and I get to go on a date again! And not a stressful drive 45 minutes to drop off Emmalee, shoot up the highway another 45 minutes, spend way too much on gas and parking but have an amazing time and be exhausted from a concert kind of date but rather a "Emmalee will already be with my mom and Dave and I can go have a relaxing dinner on our own after the wake and only be 15 minutes away from the baby sort of date".  We haven't had "alone" time since the Kenny concert back in August and between that, opposite schedules, moving, fires and deaths... this is way overdue.

4. I have the best mom ever. Not that I've ever told you that before. She came over today and helped us wash soot off the walls and is a Rug Doctor PRO and our rugs look about 8000 times better than they did at this time last night. Plus she's babysitting the next two days so we can attend memorial services and so that we can go on a date. Have I mentioned I wish I lived closer to her? Maybe 100 times already? Oops.

So Yey! despite it all, we've got some good things coming, including our insurance check. If you rent/own and dont have renters/homeowners insurance, you are a moron. Get it. We have the most amazing agent and he's been a huge help. They had a check cut for our belongings on Monday afternoon!!!

The funny thing about it is now that I know I have a lump of money coming my way, some things aren't as important as I thought they were. I keep looking at new laptops but I don't really need one. I can use the desktop whenever I'd like, as long as he's not raiding, damn WOW, and I cant bring myself to spent hundreds of dollars on something so frivolous. I'm considering upgrading my camera instead and putting money away for a rainy day, or a fire, you know. We used some of the expected money to buy a great vacuum, a new bookcase and area rugs but I can't justify a new laptop. Maybe those boots are a better alternative to a laptop? :)

And finally, I'm going to do a project. Here. On the blog. But I need some help.
As a senior in high school, we had an "100 things" project as our final senior project. I was 18 which to me, is a milestone year.
18, 21, 25, 30.
When I got married last summer my best friend gave me that list of 100 things that I had written in high school and it got me thinking.
"If I wrote this today, what would the 100 things be?"
So that;s my new project. 
I am going to make a list of 100 things that makes me happy now, at 25 years old. As a mom. As a wife. As the person I have become.
So my question is: Should I do it all at once? One a day until I get to 100? 10 a week and then compile? Or should I just do it and share it all at once?

Will you do it too?

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