The Busy Giffs: My First Week

July 22, 2011

My First Week

This week has been crazy, but in a really great way.

I started working with the kids and I worked a 10 hour day on Wed, Thurs & Fri. Yikes!!

here's the terrible part: I like working still. yes, it sucks to leave Emmalee in the morning and I feel cheated that I only get a couple hours with her at night before she goes to bed again but I also have an overwhleming feeling of pride that I'm providing for her. And honestly, 3 days our of 7? I can handle it.

I immeidately scooped her up every single night I've gotten home and just snuggled with her.  I miss her all day but I think its healthy for me to have some time away and since I've been working Dave and Emma have had some amazing bonding time because it's literally just him and her the whole day while Im gone.

Wednesday was a bit rough, she cried a bunch but he calmed her down and she ate from the bottle and she has progressively gotten better each day. It makes me smile to know that he will have an aamzing relationship with her becuase Im not always around to take over  : )

dave brought her to his cousins house today to hang out with her family and dave's dad. It was 100+ degrees out so Dave brought her into the pool with him and it sounds like she had a blast! She kept opening her mouth wide and kicking her legs I wish I had been there to see it!

And as far as the boys go... I LOVE them.  Four year old twins, Daniel and Elijah.  Super affectionate, they call me "Miss Heather" and are obsessed with Cars and Lightening McQueen.  They are tiring but they keep me on my feet and they are sticking cute!

the best part... the check the mom wrote me today covers the electric bill from this month AND makes it so we have enough to pay August rent AND has some left over! :)

So just a quick update tonight. I'm heading off to bed with Emma and Dave and we're going back to Dave's cousin Jill's house tomorrow for some more pool time and a family cook out!

Oh and before I go, do me a favor and kiss your kids extra tomrorow, and every day becuase you really dont realize how lucky you are to hold your little ones hand every day. <3

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