The Busy Giffs: Meeting Celebrities & Getting A Job

July 19, 2011

Meeting Celebrities & Getting A Job

Um, yep... thats me with Brad Paisley and I am soooo ok with it!
Last week I had won tickets to his show, along with meet and greet passes from a contest on facebook. I debating going, knowing that I could sell the tickets and the passes and not have to worry about the rest of this months bills. However, between my mom, Kristen (whose in the picture with me) and my husband, they pretty much refused to let me "not go".   They all said I needed a night out after having Emmalee and since Dave volunteered to stay home with her, I was able to take one of my friends and relax. I drove up and Kristen took care of parking and drinks for the night so we had a girls night that I didnt stress out about.

We go there around 5 because the woman in customer service told me that the meet and greets happen between 5-6 if its a 7 oclock show. Um nope, Brad Paisley's meet and greet was AFTER the show! Since we had time to kill we went exploring, looking at all the food stands and the tour merchandise.  As Kristen was purchasing her shirt, I overheard the Country 102.5 booth that was next to the merch say theyd be interviewing Jerrod Neimann shortly so I plopped myself directly in front of he table and called Kristen over. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, there he was!!!

Oh and for those of you who dont know him...



We were already fraked out about meeting him and knowing we'd be meeting Brad Paisley later was amazing! The concert was Jerrod Neimann, Blake Shelton & Brad Paisley, seriously dreamy. We had a blast. We danced, sang, screamed... it was so much fun!

So our seats were directly behind the sound tech guys and we notice them moving stuff, first a microphone, then a guitar so I watched the guy to see where he went.  He was at the end of our row with a ton of security ad I strated to freak out... Brad was going to be coming up here for a 2nd stage!! We were extremely lucky and there were about 15 open seats, with only 4 or 5 people at the very end of the row so we scooted right down and were only about 3 people away from the second stage. sure enough two songs later, Brad was walking up to this little boat dock stage!!

Think we were excited?? :)

And then... when the concert was over, it was tme to meet him!

Yes, we acted like 13 year old girls.
Yes, i thought Kristen was going to hyperventilate.
Yes, he wrapped his arms around us.
and Yes, I went for the sneak "drop your hand on to the bum as you pull your arm away" move. Judge away. I touched Brad's butt, what have you done?

s seriously one of the best nights I've had in a while and I am SO glad my friends and family refused to let me skip out of it, and grand total for the ngiht... $13. :)


we're on an uphill swing right now because I got offered the nanny job!!
It's for 3 kids, a 7 year old and 4 year old twins.  I'll be there for 3 days, 10 hours starting at 6:30 am to put the girl on the bus, hang out with the boys, drop the boys off at preschool at 12 and then pick up all 3 kids at 3:30 and start homework and do snacks until the mom gets home at 4:30! I'll get paid for all 10 hours, even the 3 that the kids are all at school! and at the payrate and the ability to bring Emma I really cant say no.  I dont want to bring her because, seriously, twin boys?? but I have the option to if I need. plus I'll be making in 3 days what I was making waitressing 5 weekdays at friendlys.  I watched them yesterday for a few hours so get accquainted with them and I'll be doing some more hours over the summer before the school year starts.

I've already told Dave I want to keep one weekened day at friendlys. I've been with them for 4 years and I dont want to sever that tie.  God forbid something happen with the family, I want a place to go. But even with one shift, I'll only be working 4 days a week which leaves me 3 full days with my bug while still having enough money for my bills! :)

So now we just need to find out if Dave gets his unemployment and keep on working on his job search but for now I'll take this victory.

Were getting new doors put into the apartment so as soon as they get here, we'll be off to Target to pick up a few things then its back to the couch to watch somme more of Eureka! :)

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