The Busy Giffs: Plymouth, 4 cm, Heat & Prayers.

June 8, 2011

Plymouth, 4 cm, Heat & Prayers.

This week has been quiet and not much has been going on. 

Sunday was nice since Dave and I went to Plymouth.  My former neighbor's daughter graduated from UNH and my mom was going.  She had planned on coming down here and leaving early to go back for the cookout.  Dana said Dave and I could come over so we packed up and went to Plymouth.  Not only did I get to see old neighbors who I havent seen in years but we made s'mores and mom brought us to KushKone! If you know anything at all about Manomet it's that summer is marked by two events: 1. The walls coming down at Gellar's and 2. Kushkone opens.  I was super exciited she brought us and my Watermelon Italian Ice was perfect!

Monday went to the doctor for my 40 week checkup.  Dave came with and we were expecting to hear that I hadn't progressed and had hit a wall.  Why else would I not have had contractions or any other "symptoms" since my 39 week check up when the doctor told me I was so close? Bloodpressure was a 114 over 76, still, no clue what it means. :) It's apparently good because the doctor just smiles and moves on to measuring my belly.  I measured perfect again at 40 and then it was time for another internal! Super. I hate internals and I get all tense and I feel bad because the doctor has to repeatedly tell me to relax, oops.  She informed me today that I had progressed to 4 cm and was completely thinned out.  She could feel the membrane sac, or bag of waters, or whatever you want to call it right at the base of my cervix.  She swept the membranes, meaning she ran her fingers around between the bag of fluid and my cervix.  The seperation of the two is supposed to release a horomone that sparks labor in some women.  of course, some peple get swept 3 or 4 times and still need to be induced, which is probably what will happen to me.  Whomp whomp.  It definately made me crampy, bloody and gross so I spent most of the day on the couch. 

Dave and I are both superhero fans and since I felt so gross we decided to go to the movies and see the new Xmen movie.  Really good, see it if you like the others. Plus we had the Bruins game to watch! Any Boston fan knows Monday night's game was insane. 

Tuesday was completely eventless.  I literally did nothing.  Dave and I watched a couple movies, I cleaned my whole place.. I'm talking steam cleaning the floors and couch, doing the laundry, and giving the dogs a tub.  The apartment looks great.  Then the Sox/Yankees game was on.  I'm loving the bruins game enthusiasm but it seems like people are forgetting the Sox in the mean time.  I know it's the Stanley Cup but it's also the Sox/Yankees.  I don't know... can't support two teams at once?

Today has been more of nothing.  We're trying to stay cool in this heat.  Between over 95 degree heat and this rediciulous excess weight on me, it could be extremely uncomfy.  We have a.c. in the house but I'm trying to not give into it yet.  We have the fan in our room and leave all the windows/screens open to get a breeze going through the apartment.  It's been gross today and tomorrow is going to be about 5 degrees hotter.  I may cave tomorrow.  Or maybe tonight.  Who knows. Tonight will be interesting. I need to figure out how to watch the Bruins, the Red Sox and the CMT awards, all at the same time. 

But in the meantime we'll just sit and continue to wait for this little one.  Part of me is concerned that I will have to wait until next Monday.  That would suck but it's already Wednesday so I guess it's only a few more days...

Cross your fingers and say your prayers that its soon.  And also, while you're at it, can you say an extra prayer for me as well? We have some family stuff going on and although the situation is getting better every day, the extra thoughts and prayers would be extremely appreciated. <3

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