The Busy Giffs: The first couple days.

June 17, 2011

The first couple days.

It's already Friday. Yikes. I've pretty much lost track of time, napping when she naps, eating between those naps and really, the days just roll into each other.

Everyone says its hardest going home and in some respects, it is.  I have no idea what she wants sometimes and she just cries. But I know I am lucky with her, it could always be worse.  A friend had her baby on Tuesday and watching her updates, makes me thankful for Emma.  Her poor daughter has had a ton of bloodwork and seems to eat and poop on the hour so when I get 5 hours of straight sleep, I remind myself it could be worse.

Emma sleeps a TON, and no, I'm not complaining.  Like I siad, she sleeps for a stretch at night, wakes up to snuggle/eat, and then goes right back to bed.  During the day, the same thing. 

Her eating habits are weird and extremely frustrating. Sometimes she'll latch for 5 minutes and be done and sometimes she'll eat for 45 minutes straight.  Obviously I worried that she wasnt getting enough when she only ate for a half hour yesterday morning, had 1 short around 3 and then a long meal again at 10.  However, today at the pediatrician he said she was gaining weight so obviously she is getting enough to eat.  He related it to eating a side of fries as opposed to eating a turkey dinner with all the fixin's.  Some time, you just want a side of fries... especially if you had a 4 course meal for breakfast. Other than my boobs feeling massive until they can start to regulate the demand and supply, I really cant complain that she doesnt want to eat every 2 or 3 hours... she latches when she wants, and finishes when she wants.  She's pushy and opinionated, but hey, she's mine, so did I expect anything else?

I do feel bad for dave sometimes.  Emma has a definate preference for me.. obviously, she lived inside of me and my smell and my heartbeat are the most familiar things to her, but I can tell it makes him sad.  He said today that he feels like he doesnt help because she cries with him and quiets when she goes to me but omg,is he wrong.  I dont know how someone could do it alone.  Its all silly things like getting me a drink so I dont have to move her, making lunch and dinner while I was with her.  I really hope he realizes how much he's helping me, even if he doesnt feel like hes helping with her.

Tomorrow, we get tos pend the day with my mom! It will be the first time since the hospital that all 3 of us havent been together.  He's going to the Bruins parade with my dad and brother while I get to spend the day at home with mom and the girls! She's all packed up and ready to go, we just need to cross our fingers that she sleeps enough tonight so I'm awake all day!

I will do my best to update with pictures and stories as we do more but you know, having a  newborn is time consuming so don't get angry if it takes me a while. :) 

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