The Busy Giffs: Dialation.

May 31, 2011


I'm warning you now, you don't want to read this post. It's a little bit gross and you should be aware before you continue on...

Ok, consider yourself warned.

Today was my 39 week check up. David came with me.  I was considered about how I would feel after the internal exam and didnt want to have to drive home if I was in a lot of pain.  After grappling with the idea that he would have to watch another man put his hand inside of me, he decided to come anyways.  Thank god. I usually have the Monday morning 9 am appointment so I am first in and out quick. However, because of the holiday I had to come one Tuesday and couldnt get in until 10:30.  The nurse didnt call us in until 11:15.  They weighed me and too my bloodpressure.  For anyone who knows anything about bloodpressure I have a 116 over 80.  No idea what that means but the doctor says its good.  The baby has a strong heartbeat and is measuring correctly.  He asked how I was feeling and I told him I was concerned the baby would be in me forever because I haven't had contractions, just what felt like squirming.  It feels like the baby starts at my ribs and then kicks off and rockets it's head into my vag, like its trying to get out.  he laughed and said that those feelings are normal and it is the baby just stretching to get position itself as it tries to come out. 

So next comes the internal.  It's wierd to begin with.  I hate paps and exams and any of that stuff so ya, it's weird.  It's even more weird when the doctor puts his hand in you and you can see your husband physically tighten up.  It was painful.  LOTS of pressure and I could feel myself pulling away.  Dave could see it.  He told me he felt helpless and didnt know what to do.  the doctor goes "Well you don't have to worry about being pregnant forever, you're already 3 cm dialated."  I asked if he was kidding and he goes "I'll joke about sex and about your mother, but I would never joke about dialation with a woman whose 39 weeks".  :) I really like him.  He told me to go home and pack our bags, make sure we had things in order because he doesnt think I'll be pregnant come this weekend!! Im trying not to get excited because baby could take it's time but to have a doctor tell me to get my stuff ready, it makes me happy.  Had I only been dialated, it could take longer but he could feel the baby's head and said that it is ready to go.  He suggested we go home and have sex because "it helps the baby get out" the same way it gets in there. Haha.

He warned me that after the internal, I could be crampy and have some bleeding.  He also suggested that the internal could irritate the cervix enough to cause it to lose the mucus plug and possibly even break the water.  He said I could be going into labor within hours but should definately be by this weekend.  He asked if I had an appointment for next weekend, then joked that he'd see me before. :) I can only hope. 

We left there and dave surprised me with lunch at Country Whip which is a great little ice cream place in Acushnet.  Hot dogs, clam chowder, french fries.. yum! However, the doctor was right... (ps. I warned yo about this part) blood and goop. Eww. Crampy and uncomfortable.  Thank god lunch was delicious because I felt terrible.  We went to the bank to deposit my last couple of paychecks, went to walmart to grab a couple of last minute things for the hospital, stopped at the front office to pay our rent for June and came home.  Ran the dishwasher so I don't have to come home to them if I do go tonight, just started laundry, cleaned up a bit and went through the hospital bag.  Made sure I had shorts, my nursing tanks, the baby's clothes and the necessities.  All that's left to grab is the cell charger, my straightener, and the bag of food and the suitcase! Yikes!!

The downside is that the doctor recommended that I dont drive to boston tonight for the baby expo.  Thinks with the dialation and the amount of movement its too much of a risk.  He wants me to stay close.  Where I've gone through some of the early labor without much pain, he wants me close because I may not realize 'm in labor until I'm in active labor and at that point I'll need to be closer than Boston.

So cross your fingers and say some prayers because little one could be here very soon!!! <3

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