The Busy Giffs: Changes.

April 16, 2011


It's been a very boring week. I seriously have just gone to work, school, and slept for the past few days.  I'm not doing much else. I'm exhausted and get tired much easier.

In the past few days, I have felt very very pregnant.  I feel like my stomach exploded; I can feel every move the baby makes and after a 7 hour day at the high school I came home and slept for 2 hours.  I can feel myself slowing down and every crack my body makes when I have to bend over.  I'm finally getting my stretch marks and feel like the skin on my stomach will rip open at anytime. 

I'm not at the "angry" stage where I'm like "get the hell out of me" but I can definately feel a huge difference in my body in just the last week.  The doctor says the baby is already head down and I've already had some braxton hicks contractions so part of me is hoping that baby comes early.  The scary part with that though, is that means even less time to actually be ready for labor so i dont know... do I want it to just happen and be done so I have the baby? or do I hope I feel confident enough to do it with more time? And what about after? I'm exhausted now and don't feel like me, how am I going to feel after? I know I'll be fine but it's a HUGE commitment and what if I'm not good enough? I know everyone keeps telling me I'll be amazing and I keep reassuring myself I can do it, but what if I can't?

I know this is just the beginning and I still have 7 full weeks to go (assuming baby comes on the due date) but it's weird and I'm sure it will just keep getting weirder as it goes on.

As Randy Newman, a la Toy Story says...

Strange things are happening to me...
Ain't no doubt about it.

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