The Busy Giffs: Catch Up and Jump Ahead.

April 29, 2011

Catch Up and Jump Ahead.

Easter was good.  I obviously had to work, and David obviously had to work and it obviously was different shifts with him going in as soon as I was getting home. Oh well, need to start getting used to it for after the baby gets here.  I had planned on just coming home after working all day, curling up with the pups and watching a movie.  However, my mom had different plans and showed up at 4:30 with leftovers, desserts and an easter bag full of candy and baby clothes.  She is wonderful! I am so so lucky to have her. 

Monday was another doctors appointment first thing in the morning. Baby is looking good, has a strong heartbeat and I'm measuring at 34, which is right on target for this week.  baby has dropped but is not engaged yet so it's still going to be a bit.  I'm ok with that though because school is still finishing up and I'd love to be able to put some more away before everything happens.  And besides I feel a little guilty about work now.

I transferred to Fairhaven the weekend after Thanksgiving because we knew I was pregnant and my DM was moving me closer to home.  They ahve known this whole time that I would be leaving in June.  We read the comments about that really horrible manager I worked with and now she's gone, however so is one of the other supervisors who was doing short night shifts, leaving myself, my general manager and another supervisor is not available to work nights.  Another manager from middleboro was transferring down to cover my leave and be in the store indefinatley.  He has been doing a couple days here, and a couple days there while I still have my hours until it gets closer to delivery.  Last week he said next Friday would be his last day sice he is going to work for a different company.  Obviously this not my concern because I'm pregnant and need to go regardless but I feel horrible for the position my general manager is in now. 

The rest of the week has been spent subbing, which of course ahs been wonderful and since I'm in the schools so much I'm hearing more and more about what spots will be available in the fall and surprisingly, how many teachers need to pass their MTELS.  This baffles me! I have my bachelors, I have passed so many MTELs its disgusting and yet, I'm getting paid $65-$95 a day to do the same thing they do.  We have a discussion on Wednesday about what was harder: teaching or subbing and we agreed that subbing is worse.  Its a new group of kids everyday, you are thrown into a curriculum that you don't know and you don't know how "the teacher does it".  Students with issues are brand new to you each day and you ahve to assume that the teacher was detailed enough t get what you want.  Half the time the teacher leaves a dumbed down assignment, which the stduents finish quickly and then you're left babysitting for the remaining time.  Don't get me wrong: I love being in the schools but I WISH I had my own classroom, my own schedule and my own students who I actually know. I'll keep crossing my fingers for the fall.

And on that subject, I have not one, but two interviews in the next week! I hate talking about them because I'm sure as soon as I tell someone I have an interview, it means I'll bomb it and then I have to go back and say "Ya, I sucked" to everyone I told about the interviews.  However, I am sharing all in this blog, that's what I promised... Saturday morning I have a strange job fair/interview with Fall River Schools.  It's not a job fair because it's an invitation event and I was invited but its set up more like a fair than an interview.  Each school will have a representative and the principal there to discuss the job oppurtunities that will be available in their school and provided you bring your resume, certifications and some reccommendations, you can have an on the spot interview right there.  I know that both Fall River middle schools have already posted for an ELA teacher so I am hoping to speak with both principals.  In addition, last night I got a phone call from Global Learning Charter School in New Bedford.  It's a high school setting but they are also looking for an ELA teacher.  In addition, I have applied to Plymouth North High and Plymouth Community Intermediate School and have been told that there may be a spot at Plymouth South.  I am at the point where I will work in any school I think.  Obviously out of all of those GLCS would be the best. High school, right down the street, not much of a commute and school lets out early enough that David could still work his job without much issue.  However, I want Plymouth most of all.  If I could get there and know that I could stay there, Dave and I would move back in a heartbeat.  He could get hired for a night time job somewhere and we'd be so much closer to my family... It's hard to not get caught up in what could happen and instead focus on the fact that as of right now I am still just a part time sub and restuarant supervisor. I can hope and dream as much as I want because as Ted Kennedy said:

Have Faith in Yourself and in the Future

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