The Busy Giffs: The Baby Room.

April 8, 2011

The Baby Room.

I made major strides in the baby room yesterday.

Look at all of the books!! <3

The bumper came in yesterday! I love everything about it, the colors, the animals, the alphabet!

Cutest little mobile... Usually $35 but after a $5 off coupon, a 20% off coupon and a gift card... I couldn't help myself!

Because we can't paint in our apartment we wanted to get something up on the wall and this was the perfect solution.  Emmy gave us this at our shower and it was a BREEZE to set up!

I love the tree! We are still waiting/hoping to get the rocker I want and it will go right where all the boxes are.  How cute would that be, a little reading nook right next to the tree? I can picture it, now I just need the money to buy the rocker! haha.

My goal is to put a mirror above the dresser and we have more wall stickers so we can either write "Emmalee" or "Tyler" above it.

The closet is still a mess (and has the toy holder in it... that will get moved) but we have the extra stroller and our diaper supply hiding in there for now.  Couple more weeks and the car seats and strollers will go in the cars and that will be all open and ready for the rest of the stuff!

Our growth chart, the stroller, some really cute car accessories that were given to us and of course, the Vera diaper bag. <3

I'm starting to stress a bit about money and the maternity leave but geting the room together and having all the stuff we got this weekend has definately helped me calm down a good amount.  I guess the stress has just been redirected...

Tonight I'll be making a bunch of food and tomorrow we're having another baby shower at Lakey's house.  Thsi will be way more low-key than last week, I think he said something about beer pong and a fire and I'm so excited to see a bunch of our friends tomorrow.

In other news, I need to ask for prayers and support again.  My friend Casey is at Brigham this morning doing an egg retrieval for her and her husband's second try at IVF.  I've mentioned her story before but if you'd like to read more you can go here and see the full story.  From here, they will fertilize the eggs, it seems as if they will be transferred back to her on Monday and then we will all sit crossing our fingers for 14 days while we wait to see if she's pregnant.  I know I recieved tons and tons of prayers when I first found out I was and hopefully all those good vibes will work for her as well! Thanks!


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