The Busy Giffs: Almost ready.

April 12, 2011

Almost ready.

I am officially in my 8th month of pregnancy.  Scary, I know. the nice part is though, that after our two showers, we are stocked up and ready to go for this baby.  We have a car seat, strollers, a crib, a sleeper to be used in place of a bassinet, diapers, wipes, shampoos, wash, a tub, towels and washcloths, tons of books, a gym, a bouncer seat, a pack and play, and a TON of clothes including hats and socks.  The baby's room is full, it's almost overwhelming still.  We are waiting on 3 more items though.  David got sick of me fighting with myself about spedning the money on the glider and after our doctors appointment he pulled into the store and said "We are putting your glider on layaway because if you keep thinking about it you'll never buy it".  He's right so we put it on and paid about half of it.  We're going on vacation next week so we figure we'll pay it off when we get back.  We are also still waiting on the swing and Boppy pillow we purchased on  We did a site to store for them and this morning we received the email that they were ready.  David and I went to get them and were told that they weren't actually there.  Awesome, glad I drove them for that one reason and you can't find what I want because I'm pretty sure the email would be generated and sent to me unless they items were in the store. Assholes.  I called 1800walmart and complained so we'll see where that goes...

Otherwise, I feel like I'm done.  There's a small list of things I still want to buy but I/the baby cant use them for a few months so there's really no rush.  For example, Babies R Us sells this really great teething guard that goes over the side of the crib so the baby is gnawing on it instead of the wood.. don't need to worry about that until baby is standing, a Bumbo seat... can't use it until the baby can hold up his or her head, a jumperoo... same thing, cant use it unless he or she can support their head... I figure I'll get them at a later date, probably when I'm out buying gender specific clothes after the baby enters our lives.

Speaking of buying stuff, The Childrens Closet Sale will be happening on May 14th.  They are one of the best large scale consignments around and they usually do 4 events a year.  They are attempting to get 500 facebook friends by May 14th; if they do I am eligible to win a $50 gift certificate to sped there! they have the Bumbo seat, the jumperoos and so, so many clothes so if you wouldn't mind going there, clicking "LIKE" and helping them and me get closer to 500 friends and a gift certificate, I would love you! I figure I can't consign yet because I still need it all but it's a great way to save money for items that are in like new condition!

All I know is I would like this baby soon.  I'm not antsy or stressed out but I'm at that point where everything is almost ready and theres only so much more I can do.  I'm not in a super rush but I can't wait to meet my little baby.  After all the ups and downs I have had with pregnancy, I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms.  I was born at 36 weeks, the little one is already head down ready to go and I've been having braxton hicks contractions like a mother some days so maybe my little one will be just like me, only hopefully without the forceps and the ridiculously complicated birth... <3

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