The Busy Giffs: April 2011

April 29, 2011

Weird day.

So today I felt weird when I woke up... like I didn't feel like my stomach was pulling me towards the ground and I had energy. I don't know, everything is okay... the baby is still kicking away but my belly is higher again.  You can see it in the mirror when I turn; the baby is definately back up.  Kind of sad but good because it's not as uncomfortable as it was.  I guess today I just feel fat rather than pregnant, its hard to explain.

You know why it happened? Because yesterday I packed my hospital bag so of course things would take a jump back immediately after.  It was wierd packing a bag.  My stuff, baby clothes, just weird to think that I'll actually need it in about a month.  In the meantime, everythign else is just about ready.  We have diapers and wipes and the swing came in a couple days ago so now we're just working on paying off the swing... only a couple more dollars to go! We woudl have it paid off but we opted for something that had some more use for us instead; we bought a chest freezer!  We eat a lot of frozen stuff, mostly because we work such opposite schedules.  Hot pockets make a quick lunch while I'm at work for him, and I'm obsessed with Digiorno pizza so when they are on sale it kills me that we have such a small freezer.  Target ( I know, I'm obsessed!!) had a 3.5 cubic foot freezer on sale for the same price as the 1.6 cubic foot one! Unfortuentely its a little big for the kitchen so its right inside the living room but with the extra space I can stock up on chicken breasts, hot pockets, digornio pizzas, veggies and ground beef (which are ALL on sale this week at Stop and Shop!) and it's less that I will worry about after the baby comes. 

Speaking of which, I made one of the hardest phone calls I have ever made today.  I am a very proud person.  My mom raised me to take care of myself.  "There is always a way", that's what I always believed.  That being said, I called New Bedford's "Transitional Services" department... and yes, it's just a nice way to say Welfare.  I want to believe in my heart of hearts that we have enough saved up and we'll be fine but I want to know for sure.  I creid on the phone to this woman because I was so embarrassed that I needed to look at the avenue but I need to be sure that I can provide for the baby.  God forbid something happen and we need to give our savings to someplace else, assistance will make eevrythign a  lot easier.  I'm not looking for daycare and cash and food stamps and all that but if WIC won't accept us until I give birth and am actually out of work, I need to look at other options. I don't wnat to keep any help after I get my feet back into work but I may need that help while I am on leave. It's hard to admit out loud but I guess this is what being a parent is... not caring so much about how you look or feel but focusing on the good of the baby instead. 

Catch Up and Jump Ahead.

Easter was good.  I obviously had to work, and David obviously had to work and it obviously was different shifts with him going in as soon as I was getting home. Oh well, need to start getting used to it for after the baby gets here.  I had planned on just coming home after working all day, curling up with the pups and watching a movie.  However, my mom had different plans and showed up at 4:30 with leftovers, desserts and an easter bag full of candy and baby clothes.  She is wonderful! I am so so lucky to have her. 

Monday was another doctors appointment first thing in the morning. Baby is looking good, has a strong heartbeat and I'm measuring at 34, which is right on target for this week.  baby has dropped but is not engaged yet so it's still going to be a bit.  I'm ok with that though because school is still finishing up and I'd love to be able to put some more away before everything happens.  And besides I feel a little guilty about work now.

I transferred to Fairhaven the weekend after Thanksgiving because we knew I was pregnant and my DM was moving me closer to home.  They ahve known this whole time that I would be leaving in June.  We read the comments about that really horrible manager I worked with and now she's gone, however so is one of the other supervisors who was doing short night shifts, leaving myself, my general manager and another supervisor is not available to work nights.  Another manager from middleboro was transferring down to cover my leave and be in the store indefinatley.  He has been doing a couple days here, and a couple days there while I still have my hours until it gets closer to delivery.  Last week he said next Friday would be his last day sice he is going to work for a different company.  Obviously this not my concern because I'm pregnant and need to go regardless but I feel horrible for the position my general manager is in now. 

The rest of the week has been spent subbing, which of course ahs been wonderful and since I'm in the schools so much I'm hearing more and more about what spots will be available in the fall and surprisingly, how many teachers need to pass their MTELS.  This baffles me! I have my bachelors, I have passed so many MTELs its disgusting and yet, I'm getting paid $65-$95 a day to do the same thing they do.  We have a discussion on Wednesday about what was harder: teaching or subbing and we agreed that subbing is worse.  Its a new group of kids everyday, you are thrown into a curriculum that you don't know and you don't know how "the teacher does it".  Students with issues are brand new to you each day and you ahve to assume that the teacher was detailed enough t get what you want.  Half the time the teacher leaves a dumbed down assignment, which the stduents finish quickly and then you're left babysitting for the remaining time.  Don't get me wrong: I love being in the schools but I WISH I had my own classroom, my own schedule and my own students who I actually know. I'll keep crossing my fingers for the fall.

And on that subject, I have not one, but two interviews in the next week! I hate talking about them because I'm sure as soon as I tell someone I have an interview, it means I'll bomb it and then I have to go back and say "Ya, I sucked" to everyone I told about the interviews.  However, I am sharing all in this blog, that's what I promised... Saturday morning I have a strange job fair/interview with Fall River Schools.  It's not a job fair because it's an invitation event and I was invited but its set up more like a fair than an interview.  Each school will have a representative and the principal there to discuss the job oppurtunities that will be available in their school and provided you bring your resume, certifications and some reccommendations, you can have an on the spot interview right there.  I know that both Fall River middle schools have already posted for an ELA teacher so I am hoping to speak with both principals.  In addition, last night I got a phone call from Global Learning Charter School in New Bedford.  It's a high school setting but they are also looking for an ELA teacher.  In addition, I have applied to Plymouth North High and Plymouth Community Intermediate School and have been told that there may be a spot at Plymouth South.  I am at the point where I will work in any school I think.  Obviously out of all of those GLCS would be the best. High school, right down the street, not much of a commute and school lets out early enough that David could still work his job without much issue.  However, I want Plymouth most of all.  If I could get there and know that I could stay there, Dave and I would move back in a heartbeat.  He could get hired for a night time job somewhere and we'd be so much closer to my family... It's hard to not get caught up in what could happen and instead focus on the fact that as of right now I am still just a part time sub and restuarant supervisor. I can hope and dream as much as I want because as Ted Kennedy said:

Have Faith in Yourself and in the Future

April 22, 2011

Vacation Recap

We are home from PTown and already back into the swing of real-life.  David and I both had to work yesterday as soon as we got home so it was a quick jump right back to reality. However, the break was so definately needed. 

PTown was great.  The weather was ehhhh but it forced me to stay in and relax rather than run around doing one thing after another.  We got there Monday night, right after dinner and relaxed with my family while eating.  Being exhausted from working all day and the 3 hours of driving between dropping off the pups and then getting out there, it was a nice early bedtime after a couple games of ping pong in the rec room and so B's action. 

Tuesday, when we woke up, it was actually pretty nice out.  The girls and I went to the vstore to pick up bacon, eggs, and coffees and stop at the beach  The low tide was ridiculous, so far out.  After a little adventure (read: we got lost) we found Stop and Shop and Cumby's, loaded up on junk food and went back to the condos. Since they were forcasting rain for the afternoon, we wanted to go to the Pilgrim Monument early. Kris and Dave climbed it but I figured if I did, as Dave said "I'd need a nap afterwards" so Abby stayed at the bottom with me and she told me all about her plans for college.  I love her, 12 years old and planning out college. <3  After that, we went to Commercial St which is the main shopping drag of PTown and went from store to store.  The Fudgery, penny candy, The Shell Store, The Purple Feather, pretty much every store... we went in.  We had so much fun running around and it being Dave's first time in Ptown, he had quite an enjoyable time.  We went back to the condo for lunch and snuggled up to watch a movie.  We had dinner at the famous Lobster Pot and, it was unbelievable.  Not only was it delicious, but it was so much fun.  There was a boy who was obsessed with David and kept asking him about Red Sox stuff, an old man named Izzy tried to be Dave's best friend... we laughed for so much of that meal.  More Boston sports in the condo and it was bedtime again.

Wednesday was cold. Very cold.  We opted for breakfast and tv watching after another quick coffee trip.  the girls really wanted to see Hop so we took advantage of the cold and headed to Wellfleet for a movie.  Nothing caps off a kids movie better than a bbq house for lunch so we stopped in and had WAY too much to eat.  When we got back to the condo, Mom and derek had come back so we relaxed with them for a while.  The kids really wanted ice cream so we took them downtown around 8 pm for some.  What a differnece in PTown between day and night. :) 

As we walked down the street, this HUGE burly man, probably 6 and a half feet, 300 lbs sees us and in the most high pitch voice goes "Ohhh the kids are out.. its vay-caaaa-tion".  I've never seen my 16 year old brother move so fast.  It took everything in myself not to pee myself laughing.  After a very odd trip to the fudge store, where he said "I'll be with you in a minute, I'm making the fudge now"......, and the kids fabricating a story that a cop came up to the car and they all blmaed the preggo for wanting fudge, it was back to the condo for one last night.

We left on thursday morning after another great breakfast of bacon and eggs and picked up the pups and got right back to our schedules.  It wasnt a long vacation, or a glamorous vacation but it was relaxing and restful and so much fun.  I'm happy the weather kind of sucked or we would have been running around trying to do everything.

It's funny to think though as I unpack from PTown... I guess it's time to start packing for the hospital... <3

April 17, 2011


This is going to be one of those mushy posts that makes everyone go "eww" and think I'm full of shit.

I love my husband. I do. So so so much. 

I often joke around when people ask me if David is excited for the baby and I say "I think he's more excited than I am".  He is going to be an amazing father and I cant wait to see him hold our little one for the first time; I'm actually getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

I know I talk a lot about the baby and whats going on with me but he's really my main support right now.  I came home from work, an hour later than I should have, irritated, tired and stressed about the fact that we're going on vacation for a couple nights.  We, (read: I) need this time away but I cant help but feel guilty that the money we are going to spend and the days of work we are going to miss could be used better.  Even though we don't have to pay for our accomodations, we are going to board the dogs, pay for gas, pay for food, etc... I know we deserve this time away and it will be our last bit of "us time" before the baby comes by it's weighing on my mind...

Factor in waking up every 3 hours to pee and spending so much time working that when I come home, all I do is sleep and I feel like a waste of oxygen around this house some days.  I have lists of things to do: laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and then I get home from a 9-4 shift and fall asleep for 2 hours or I have to go to class and after I'm out for the night.  I really feel useless some days.

This is the mushy part...

I love my husband.  I came home from work yesterday (and fell asleep) but the laundry was already done and he had deep cleaned the bedroom carpets.  Today I came home from work and the dishes were done. I know this sounds silly and miniscule, two small household chores, but that's what I need.  I love knowing that he is there and is so helpful and never once makes me feel guilty about the sleep I need and the laziness I have been feeling lately.  When I apologize for not doing something or for being down on myself for my looks, my stomach, my mood, etc and all he says is "It's fine honey" and kisses my forehead, I know that I'm the luckiest woman in the world.  I love him so much; I often forget that we've only been together for 2 years and I can't imagine being with anyone else ever in my life or anyone else being the father of my children.

Plain and simple: I love him. <3

April 16, 2011


It's been a very boring week. I seriously have just gone to work, school, and slept for the past few days.  I'm not doing much else. I'm exhausted and get tired much easier.

In the past few days, I have felt very very pregnant.  I feel like my stomach exploded; I can feel every move the baby makes and after a 7 hour day at the high school I came home and slept for 2 hours.  I can feel myself slowing down and every crack my body makes when I have to bend over.  I'm finally getting my stretch marks and feel like the skin on my stomach will rip open at anytime. 

I'm not at the "angry" stage where I'm like "get the hell out of me" but I can definately feel a huge difference in my body in just the last week.  The doctor says the baby is already head down and I've already had some braxton hicks contractions so part of me is hoping that baby comes early.  The scary part with that though, is that means even less time to actually be ready for labor so i dont know... do I want it to just happen and be done so I have the baby? or do I hope I feel confident enough to do it with more time? And what about after? I'm exhausted now and don't feel like me, how am I going to feel after? I know I'll be fine but it's a HUGE commitment and what if I'm not good enough? I know everyone keeps telling me I'll be amazing and I keep reassuring myself I can do it, but what if I can't?

I know this is just the beginning and I still have 7 full weeks to go (assuming baby comes on the due date) but it's weird and I'm sure it will just keep getting weirder as it goes on.

As Randy Newman, a la Toy Story says...

Strange things are happening to me...
Ain't no doubt about it.

April 12, 2011

Almost ready.

I am officially in my 8th month of pregnancy.  Scary, I know. the nice part is though, that after our two showers, we are stocked up and ready to go for this baby.  We have a car seat, strollers, a crib, a sleeper to be used in place of a bassinet, diapers, wipes, shampoos, wash, a tub, towels and washcloths, tons of books, a gym, a bouncer seat, a pack and play, and a TON of clothes including hats and socks.  The baby's room is full, it's almost overwhelming still.  We are waiting on 3 more items though.  David got sick of me fighting with myself about spedning the money on the glider and after our doctors appointment he pulled into the store and said "We are putting your glider on layaway because if you keep thinking about it you'll never buy it".  He's right so we put it on and paid about half of it.  We're going on vacation next week so we figure we'll pay it off when we get back.  We are also still waiting on the swing and Boppy pillow we purchased on  We did a site to store for them and this morning we received the email that they were ready.  David and I went to get them and were told that they weren't actually there.  Awesome, glad I drove them for that one reason and you can't find what I want because I'm pretty sure the email would be generated and sent to me unless they items were in the store. Assholes.  I called 1800walmart and complained so we'll see where that goes...

Otherwise, I feel like I'm done.  There's a small list of things I still want to buy but I/the baby cant use them for a few months so there's really no rush.  For example, Babies R Us sells this really great teething guard that goes over the side of the crib so the baby is gnawing on it instead of the wood.. don't need to worry about that until baby is standing, a Bumbo seat... can't use it until the baby can hold up his or her head, a jumperoo... same thing, cant use it unless he or she can support their head... I figure I'll get them at a later date, probably when I'm out buying gender specific clothes after the baby enters our lives.

Speaking of buying stuff, The Childrens Closet Sale will be happening on May 14th.  They are one of the best large scale consignments around and they usually do 4 events a year.  They are attempting to get 500 facebook friends by May 14th; if they do I am eligible to win a $50 gift certificate to sped there! they have the Bumbo seat, the jumperoos and so, so many clothes so if you wouldn't mind going there, clicking "LIKE" and helping them and me get closer to 500 friends and a gift certificate, I would love you! I figure I can't consign yet because I still need it all but it's a great way to save money for items that are in like new condition!

All I know is I would like this baby soon.  I'm not antsy or stressed out but I'm at that point where everything is almost ready and theres only so much more I can do.  I'm not in a super rush but I can't wait to meet my little baby.  After all the ups and downs I have had with pregnancy, I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms.  I was born at 36 weeks, the little one is already head down ready to go and I've been having braxton hicks contractions like a mother some days so maybe my little one will be just like me, only hopefully without the forceps and the ridiculously complicated birth... <3

April 8, 2011

The Baby Room.

I made major strides in the baby room yesterday.

Look at all of the books!! <3

The bumper came in yesterday! I love everything about it, the colors, the animals, the alphabet!

Cutest little mobile... Usually $35 but after a $5 off coupon, a 20% off coupon and a gift card... I couldn't help myself!

Because we can't paint in our apartment we wanted to get something up on the wall and this was the perfect solution.  Emmy gave us this at our shower and it was a BREEZE to set up!

I love the tree! We are still waiting/hoping to get the rocker I want and it will go right where all the boxes are.  How cute would that be, a little reading nook right next to the tree? I can picture it, now I just need the money to buy the rocker! haha.

My goal is to put a mirror above the dresser and we have more wall stickers so we can either write "Emmalee" or "Tyler" above it.

The closet is still a mess (and has the toy holder in it... that will get moved) but we have the extra stroller and our diaper supply hiding in there for now.  Couple more weeks and the car seats and strollers will go in the cars and that will be all open and ready for the rest of the stuff!

Our growth chart, the stroller, some really cute car accessories that were given to us and of course, the Vera diaper bag. <3

I'm starting to stress a bit about money and the maternity leave but geting the room together and having all the stuff we got this weekend has definately helped me calm down a good amount.  I guess the stress has just been redirected...

Tonight I'll be making a bunch of food and tomorrow we're having another baby shower at Lakey's house.  Thsi will be way more low-key than last week, I think he said something about beer pong and a fire and I'm so excited to see a bunch of our friends tomorrow.

In other news, I need to ask for prayers and support again.  My friend Casey is at Brigham this morning doing an egg retrieval for her and her husband's second try at IVF.  I've mentioned her story before but if you'd like to read more you can go here and see the full story.  From here, they will fertilize the eggs, it seems as if they will be transferred back to her on Monday and then we will all sit crossing our fingers for 14 days while we wait to see if she's pregnant.  I know I recieved tons and tons of prayers when I first found out I was and hopefully all those good vibes will work for her as well! Thanks!


April 5, 2011

The Weekend Update.

I know, I know, it's Tuesday. Whatever.
It was a very long, crazy, amazing weekend and I still am not recovered from it.

Saturday, David and I went to Tobey hospital for Childbirth class.  if I didn't know that my husband was "that guy" before, I certainly knew it Saturday.  I'm not going to share the whole class with you because, honestly, it's wierd.  Anatomy, overview of complications, gross words like placenta and of course, the birthing videos.  If those don't make you stay a virgin, I don't knwo what will. My husband wanted to make light of the day.  We were stuck in a small boardroom with 11 other couples for 6 hours; he needed an outlet.  I'll share his two more ridiculous comments and then move on.

While discussing afterbirth (where you push out the placenta, eww), the woman doing the class commented that the doctor will often show you the membrane if you ask to see it. David's comment: "Can I put it in a jar and take it home?"

Later, while talking about positions of birth and complications of presentation resulting in tearing of the mom's skin, the teacher mentioned that some babies will try and go out elbow first.  David's comment: "Does it ever superman it's way out?" (with the arms held straight up in the air).

I love him, I do, and I really hope that sense of humor helps me get through delivery.

Saturday night was wonderful.  I really wanted to take a nap but getting home at 5:30 meant if I napped, I was NOT sleeping through the night so I called KBiss and offered her a free movie.  We went to the mall, I made an exchange at Old Navy and we went for a quick manicure.  You have no idea how wonderful it was.  I got to just sit and relax for a half hour and it was glorious. For only $10, I may be investing in this again.  We went and saw Source Code after that. P.s. Dont waste your time.

Sunday was the big day! Before I even give a single detail about the shower I just need to say that my mom is absolutely amazing. hands down, no questions asked, I dont care what your mom has ever done for you, mine is better. Plain and simple.  It's not an opinion, it's cold hard facts.  Dont believe me? Come meet my mom. <3

The shower was wonderful.  Overrwhelming at times but so so wonderful.  It seems like a blur of hugs and presents but I left so happy.  I also left with a TON of stuff. My car was completely full. These are pictures of the baby's room BEFORE the shower:


Ya, yikes! Baby (and me and David) are so lucky to have everyone in our lives.  It was such an amazing day and we seriously could not have asked for anything more. <3

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