The Busy Giffs: A scattering of thoughts.

March 11, 2011

A scattering of thoughts.

So today was a half day at Westport Elementary for me.  Pretty awesome.  I work at Friendly's later tonight and even that is just a 5-8 so it hopefully wont be anything crazy. I say hopefully because the world knows that Friendly's will always set you up to be pissed off.  If I'm off at 8, I usually leave at 9 and since I have plans to meet friends tonight, I'm sure something will happen and I won't be out until 11. Whomp whomp.

Today has been good though. I was very scared this morning.  Nick was supposed to leave Korea on 3/11 (aka today) and this morning I woke up to some terrible news about an earthquake and a tsunami hitting Japan. Now, I get my geography skills from my mom so I have included a map for everyone else who is as silly as me...

Nick is/was stationed in South Korea and it is extremely close to Japan.  I find it hard to believe that an 8.9 earthquake would not effect surrounding areas. 

He had his cell phone turned off when he left because he didn't want to pay for roaming charges, etc. so this morning sucked when i realized I couldn't even call him to check on him.  I of course called Mom.  I have to say, I was AMAZED at how calm she was. She said herself "If I'm calm, everyone should be" :)

Nick did get in touch with mom and she texted to let me know.  Because of the 14 hour time difference, he left on March 11th Korean time, which was March 10th our time.  The Tsunami that just happened, even though its March 11th am here, it was close to midnight on March 11th Korean time.  So Nick had left hours earlier. Did you follow that? If you didn't, oh well, the only thing you need to know is that my brother is home safe in the US <3

We also got our tax rebate in today.  It is already safely stored in our savings account to cover my maternity leave :D  Yikes, I know.  We're already playing that game... Thankfully we have AMAZING insurance so all of mine and baby's check up and our hospital stay will be covered, provided we don't have any major complications.  I've gone into hoarding mode, stocking up on Herbal Essence, Proglide Razors, and laundry detergent so I don't have to worry about those things come leave.  I'm clipping my coupons and checking for sales so we can be uberprepared for 2 months of me not working.  Thanks to a sale and coupons, I bought 7 bags of dog treats and a 20 lb bags of puppy chow for $18 yesterday. That's what I'm talking about :)

Speaking of the puppies, we called and made their "Puppy Hotel Reservations" for April Vacation.  David and I will be taking a 'babymoon' in April to P-Town.  We had looked at Newport because we won't be going away for our one year anniversary; I'm sure we'll be snuggled up watching a movie with the baby. Nannie offered us her time share in PTown for the week of April vacation and we will be joining her, my mom and my sisters for a few nights.  We can't justify a whole week off a month and a half before the baby is due but we will be going from Monday-Thursday so we can be around to work the weekends which are usually pretty busy.  We figure with April vacation, PTown will still be busy and since David's never been to PTown I figure it will be a lot of fun to walk him around.  I did order a special off of LivingSocial, a sunset lighthouse cruise around PTown Harbor.  I figure even though we will be going with my family, we need to have a little bit of 'couple time'.  I'm afraid that once the baby comes, we wont have any of that time at all for us.  I know that sounds selfish but it does scare me to hear horror stories about people who had babies and end up hating each other because they lose that facet of their relationship.  I'm not scared that we will but I want to capitalize on the time we do have.  I don't remember the last time I got to go away with my family and I am very excited to have the opportunity to "run away" with David and them for a few nights.  The puppies will be staying at the Plymouth Animal Hospital while we're gone and we called and had it confirmed today which makes it official!

And since I'm on the "lets be selfish" kick, I CAN NOT wait for my baby shower!! We have the crib set up, the dresser, the bookcase, and I desperately want to start putting stuff on the walls and getting things sorted out.  Ya, I'm a brat, I know, but I am so excited about baby.  I am so proud of myself for NOT buying anything at Babies R Us last night when I was out.  I did buy stuff to make favors for our "friends" shower.  Ps. I am having two showers, did I mention this?  My mom is doing the more formal, stereotypical baby shower with my family and really close friends and our godfather is hosting a shower the following weekend which will be completely nontraditional with boys, drinking, and just our friends. :) I can not wait until we have pictures on the wall and the bed sheets in the crib.

And finally, I PICKED OUT THE CRIB SET I WANT!! I know this is crazy and I don't know why I had such a hard time.  I went back and forth with a couple of different ones and finally found the Luv U Zoo collection crib set but its not for sale yet.  Most of the "safari" or "zoo" prints have an ugly animal print or its just brown and green and too subdued for me.  I want brighter colors and fun looking animals.  Well, last night at Babies R Us there was randomly a crib set sitting in the diapers.  It was no where else in the whole store so I grabbed a scan gun and got it.  I love it.  It's the perfect combination of the more muted brown and green that David wants and the fun animals that I want but it's not just brown and green, there are more pops of color... 

It's on my registry at Babies R Us and now I just cross my fingers!! Yikes, I wrote a lot.. I'm sorry. I guess it's just a really great day to share!

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