The Busy Giffs: Mary Poppins, American Girl & Babies R Us

March 6, 2011

Mary Poppins, American Girl & Babies R Us

So let me preface this post by saying that I am completely avoiding my annotated bibliography right now.  Honestly, I'm fine with it.

I haven't written since Thursday because I was afraid I would give away the secret... Back up, right? What secret?

Read ***THIS*** and then come back to me; I'll wait.

Ok, caught up? Great.

So this was the weekend to make dreams come true.  My aunt told my cousin Destiny that the two of them needed to come to Boston to go for some financial aide paperwork for the hospital.  They had to come up in person and fill it out so that Children's could see that Destiny and my aunt are legitimate about making a commitment to Children's even though they live in PA. Destiny was told that they were coming up on Friday and would stay to visit family until Sunday night.  That's all she knew.  I even laughed to myself when I saw her Facebook Friday morning saying "On the train to Boston" and everyone commenting "praying for you" because I actually knew why she was coming up here.

Destiny asked for 3 things when she found out about the lump: to see Mary Poppins performed, to go to the American Girl doll store, and to go to Greece.  Well I can't pull off Greece but my mom is amazing so she did her thing.

We met up with Destiny and Therese in Boston, across the street from the Opera House.  they were having dinner at Quizno's after the train ride and when we walked in, Destiny was thrilled.  She thought other members of our family were going to pick her up.  We put their bags in my moms car and suggested we walk around the city since they were here.  My mom, being sneaky goes "What do you want to do; we can do whatever you feel like?"  And Destiny, being an 11 year old girl does the "I don't know" so mom counters her with "Anything in the world, and you can't think of what you want to do??" At this point we are across the street from the Opera House (with the HUGE Mary Poppins posters all over it), walking towards it and Destiny shrugs her shoulders and comments "I wish we could see Mary Poppins".  My mom and my aunt's faces light up so I go "hey, you know what? I actually have tickets in my bag for that show... you really want to go because we can".  The look on her face was amazing. Just pure happiness. I was able to get a picture of her just beaming and I felt like the most amazing person in the world in that moment. 

There's a saying I once heard:

Don't give until it hurts, give until it feels good.

All sexual innuendos aside, it's a really wonderful quote and made me smile.  yes, I missed work on Friday to go and I spent gas money to go that I didn't need to but the joy in her face far outweighed any paycheck I ever will see.

Mary Poppins was amazing. Wonderful. Incredible. And honestly it's in the bottom 25% of my Disney movie rankings.  I like some parts of the movie but I don't own it and if you know me and my Disney movies, that's saying something.  But honestly I enjoyed it.  It didn't follow the movie line but it was completely captivating. No one moved the whole performance because they were afraid to miss something.  There really are no words for it but if you get the opportunity to see it, you absolutely should.

I spent the night at my moms after the play. Without David. Which was weird. The last time we spent a night apart was his bachelor party. I missed him and curled up in my little sister's bed with my cell phone attached to my head saying good night.  It was weird but nice to know I could be away and not stress out about it.  I love him.

The next morning, we were off to the Natick Collection to go t the American Girl store because that was also on Destiny's wish list and the only 2 stores I know of are in NYC and Natick.  Off we went and after parking, a (not so) quick detour into Crate and Barrel  which resulted in new pans, lime salsa and lemon cookie mix, we were in the bright red store filled with small girls and dads holding small dolls. I actually enjoyed myself, you know, putting cupcake props on to of the dolls heads, rearranging dolls so they'd touch each others bums.. normal stuff really.  It was quick because we had to get my aunt and cousin to my other cousins house and get back down the highway so I could be to work for 5.

Driving down Rt 3, my mom pulled off the highway and pulled int the biggest Babies R Us I have ever seen in Braintree. Now, I am excited about this baby and I LOVE shopping and looking at baby stuff but it was like 132 times better with my mom and my sisters.  Every cute thing got held up and I found the decorations I want for our nursery (since we cant paint) and it was just amazing.  Mom bought me a few gifts that I have to forget about until the shower (next month!!) but just spending that hour with them, looking at everything, getting excited about different seats and blankets and clothes was amazing.  We kept doing the "if it;s a boy, you should get this..." or (mostly) "We HAVE to buy this if it's a girl!".  My sister gravitated towards tutus and everything pink and sparkly.  If it is a girl, my sister will probably give her a coach bag and zebra print leggings.  I'm so happy.  It seems so silly but to know my family is so excited makes a huge difference to me.  This baby is going to be so lucky having the aunts, uncles and grandmother that it's going to. <3

And finallly.....


....was a birthday present sent to my by my friend Jess!! A cupcake pan and carrying case from Crate & Barrel! Seriously in love and the fact that she would randomly send it makes me smile so much.  Her and I don't see each other nearly as much any more and since she no longer has her Facebook, staying in touch is harder than ever. I'm super happy to know I have such amazing friends who don't forget about me just because I'm not always around. <3

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