The Busy Giffs: Is it Christmas?

March 31, 2011

Is it Christmas?

Yesterday was just one of those really great days.

I woke up, normal time after a COMPLETE night's sleep :) , to a day off.  I have been nonstop lately so I used my time to get the house clean. David had the morning off so we did 4 loads of laundry, rearranged some bedroom furniture, went through our closet (and got rid of a HUGE bag of clothes!), cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, organized the baby's room and had breakfast together!

When he left for work I went to Saver's to drop off our unwanted clothes, went grocery shopping and came home just in time for Kris and my mom to come see our apartment for the first time since David and I moved.  I got to show them everything and I'm pretty sure my mom almost cried when she walked into the baby's room :)

Relaxing with them was great and they brought me a chocolate Godiva spring pop! The very same one I blogged about on my "imaginary shopping trip".  Yey! We went to Kyler's Catch to pick up lobster raviolis and bisque for dinner and they headed back to Plymouth. 

When I got home, Kristen messaged me on facebook and informed me that part of my shower gift is a prenatal massage in May right before the baby comes and it will be her treat! We have been talking about a spa day but with the little one on the way and preparing for leave, I have a hard time spending the money on myself.  So she's paying for my massage and I can justify a manicure.  I've always wanted a pedicure but have never had one soo that may be a splurge as well.

Then the doorbell rang and UPS showed up! he had a package from the Toomey's.  Carol was/is one of my best friends from when I was younger.  You pretty much didnt see me in high school without her close behind.  My little sisters idolized her and our inside jokes made high school so enjoyable.  Well, I loved her mom and very often if I wasn't at my house or Emmy's, I was at Carols. Her mom was one of the handful of women that I looked up to, respected, and viewed as an amazing woman.  I haven't spoken to her since probably high school graduation and when I opened the package, it was two blankets that she had made.  One was a crotcheted blanket and the other was a quilt that she had made with jungle babies and green and white polka dot fabric! She also put the cutest stuffed animal I have ever seen in the box.  It's a Gund baby lamb and it is so soft! David was laughing at me last night because I was laying on the couch, watching Top Chef with the lamb laying across my belly.  It's baby's first toy and who am I to stop the bonding process?? :)

So at this point, I am on a high. I have Godiva, a promise of a maternity massage, and the most amazing thoughtful package I have received lately and UPS comes back!! This time it's the Luv U Zoo Highchair that we had on our registry! The Booths had it shipped to the house so "David has one less thing to unload from the shower"! Love them!

It seriously felt like Christmas today and it makes me so so SO excited for my shower this weekend! I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of people who are as excited about the baby as I am!

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