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March 31, 2011

Guilt Free Spending

Today I went gift card shopping. I don't feel guilty about spending gift cards, not at all. I call them "free money" because it's not like I can use it for anything else so it just sits in my wallet. Gift cards are easily one of my favorite things ever because I HAVE to use them on stuff because I can't use them to pay bills! Well today I used 3 gift cards, one to Hallmark and 2 to Victoria's Secret. 

The Hallmark card was leftover from Christmas.  David wanted to buy me a Vera Bradley diaper bag but didn't know what pattern so he bought me a gift card to Hallmark because the Hallmark in our mall has a wonderful Vera selection.  I already got my bag and had money left over.  I used some of what was left to buy a secret gift that I wont share now, and then I found realy cute, simple baby thank you cards! I wouldn't be  if I didn't find them for 75% off so my 3 boxes of cards ended up being less than $6!

The VS gift cards came from Dave's mom and sister.  I had originally bought a blue tshirt with the white circled Sox logo right on the front on the stomach.  After careful thought, I realized I will never want that much attention on my stomach, not even with the baby as an excuse for it's size so I returned it today.  I got a store credit for that.  Add that to my gift cards and I had enough to cover an online purchase.  The MLB and NFL lines are never carried near me because the Dartmouth store and Kingston store are too small and suck buuuuut a $10 off $50 coupon and free shipping made it totally worth it! I am now wiating for these to come in the mail:

I love them, they look SUPER comfy and since no money ever left my bank account I feel FABULOUS about buying them!!

I had posted a few days back about my imaginary shopping spree and yesterday I recieved the Godiva and the (promise of a) massage.  Today I got my Victoria's Secret stuff.  I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

And speaking of shopping, I am getting antsy. I want to order a glider for the room and I'm starting to want to know what I'm having so I can start buying stuff for baby.I'm hoping my shower this weekend will squash that.  I think I just feel underprepared and its forcing me to feel like I need to go out and get stuff.  I know that babies don't need stuff, they just need me and David and love buuuuuut knowing I'm stocked up will help. It's either that or I am just so super amped about the gifts we just recieved that I can't wait for more! That sounds so greedy and horrible but I do need some things and being caught in that limbo of "should I just go buy it or is someone going to give it to me" kind of makes me more antsy.

I think I've been good the past few months.  in the very beginning, I was slightly (okay, extremely) anal and OCD about anything and everything that could happen during my pregnancy and around month 4, I think I relaxed.  I have been relaxed.  I still get nervous about some things but I've learned I am not in control, baby is.  Everything will happen the way baby needs it to.  Why should I stress if I have no control? But now I'm starting to feel like I'm not doing enough.  I'm hoping thsoe feelings are all gone after Sunday but we'll see what happens.

For now I'm going to curl up on my couch with my pups, eating chili, watch Enchanted and ignore the snow that's coming down. <3

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