The Busy Giffs: Update.

February 2, 2011


Puppy is doing so much better!When we brought her into the doctors on Sunday night, her large bump was 8 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm and its currently measuring at 3cm x 1 cm x 1 cm! She's her normal crazy snugglebug self but he's been getting spoiled at meal time.  Her medication NEEDS to be taken with food otherwise it can make her vomit or otherwise.  For those who dont know her, she is a very picky eater.  She eats when she wants to and what she wants to so forcing meals with medication is nearly impossible.  So in order to ensure that she eats a meal and her medication, shes been getting dry food mixed into her food and tonight she got gravy on her meal.  She devoured it and took her medicine, hopped on the couch and curled up with us to watch A Beautiful Mind. Highly recommended if you havent seen it already.

After two crazy days, today was normal. I spent the day with second graders and loved it. One of the little girls drew me a picture and it made me smile.  Not because she made it but because of what it says: "Mrs. Gifford".  I know I've been married for months but it still surprises me when I say my name and its not Heather Salvucci.  I dont remember much about when I was adopted and changed my name.  I knwo I was 12 but I really dont remember much other than sitting on my floor in the yellow house practicing what was going to be my new last name.  I dont remember the transition time.  Maybe its because I didnt have mail and bills and things that I had to physically change; my parents changed my birth certificate for me.  Its still strange to me that when I log into my UMD email its "hsalvucci" but Im listed as Heather Gifford.  Its like I still cant be one without the other.

Speaking of school, I hate that place today.  It was easily the scariest day I've had in a very long time. My class was from 4-6:30 and at about 4:40 we heard yelling in the hallway and someone screamed "I'm gonna kill him. I have a gun and I'm going to fucking kill him".  PANIC. We shut off the lights, secured the door with a chair and called the police.  We sat in darkness for fifteen minutes.  I texted David and I my mother but could only a few words out.  I sent "Love you. School. Gun." I literally had tears in my eyes wondering if thatw a sit for me and my class.  All of a sudden the door slammed open and we all screamed. It was not a crazy gun man but rather a cop. I have never felt so relieved.  Guess that's my normal day...

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