The Busy Giffs: Seven days.

February 14, 2011

Seven days.

One week. That's all it took according to my husband. In one week of dating he knew he wanted to marry me. He told me this a couple days ago when we were talking about things.

Now, I dont usually like Valentine's Day. I'm seriously more excited that pitchers and catchers reported to spring training today but it is a holiday and if I dont say something, I'll look like a crappy wife. I told David not to buy me any flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. I really don't need them and we have so much going on/coming up that wasting cash on a piece of jewelry or flowers that would be dumb. 

Fun fact: we've been married for 6 months already. That being said, if I didn't know that he was completely in love with me by now, a bouquet of roses isnt going to prove that.  He loves me (I dont know why) and I dont need those things to know it.  I love our daily things that make me happy and in honor of him sharing his bit of knowledge and because its the holiday, I will share a bit of knowledge. Seven bits, actually.  One thing I love about him for every day it took for him to fall in love with me.

1. He tucks me into bed at night when we're both home.  We have very different schedules. I am up by 6 am everyday to either teach, be at the restuarant, or be at the doctor. I like to be in bed by 10 pm, even if its just to read.  He works until 1am 3 or 4 nights a week and when he's not working his internal clock keeps him up. Usually he'll play his video games while I head to bed. When this happens, he tucks me. Comes into the room, fixes the blankets and kisses me goodnight. I love it.

2. He makes me laugh. Every day. Even when I dont want to. It's very hard for me to be unhappy when he's around.  Whetehr its a stupid joke, somethign dumb he says or a silly face he makes, I am constantly laughing when he's around regardless of how much other stress is in my life.

3. He is unbelievably supportive. At the beginning of January I stepped down at work and instead of working 40+ hours a week with a guarenteed schedule and paycheck I opted to be a day to day substitute teacher so that I had a better chance of getting a real teaching job.  I figure they'll offer me a job much faster if they know who I am.  It's what I want to be doing but its scary because it's not a guarenteed paycheck and if I dont sub, I dont get paid. Never once has David made me question it or feel guilty, he always reminds me that everythign will work out and I made the best decision for me, the baby, and our family.

4.  He is so laid back.  I can be extremely Type A and OCD and he calms me down.  Sometimes its all I need to be reminded its all little stuff.  Hes constantly telling me "We'll figure it out, we always do."

5. The smile he had when he first heard the bay's heartbeat. I dont know why this smile sticks in my head. I've written about it before but I just loved everything about that moment.  His whole face lights up when you say the word 'baby' and I know he is going to be an amazing dad.  Just this morning, as I was leaving to teach, he leaned over the side of the bed and kissed my stomach good bye. He makes me tear up sometimes.

6. He is amazing with my family. Anyone who knows me, knows that this a key aspect.  He loves my mom and nannie, gets along wonderfully with the 3 little ones (even if they think hes crazy) and has a great relationship with Nicholas, even though they have only have met a few times.  When he's with my family, he just fits, like he was supposed to be there the whole time. 

7. He lets me be myself... but pushes me to grow as well.  I've always had issues with boyfriends and I wold let them control who I was and who I was friends with.  If they wanted something, that's what I changed myself into.  David lets me still be my crazy, neurotic, overscheduling, stuck-up self. The best part though is that he makes me grow in little ways. He pushes me to go for things I wouldn't have and encourages me to learn more things, get involved in the community and try things I never had.  he makes me happy to be me, but even happier that as I become "more me", he's a part of that person.

I love him. It's cheesy and stereotypical but it's the truth. I am amazed when I look at him and think that 2 years ago, I didnt even know him.  It just feels so perfect when I am with him.

Anyone who kows him, knows he LOVES food, so even though I said no gifts, I am making him an amazing dinner tonight.  He has to work tonight but will be home around 8ish so I'd like to surprise him.

I'm going to attempting making shrimp mozambique for the first time I ever. He loves it and orders it whenever we go out in New Bedford.  I had never had it before we started dating and I'm hoping that it's something he will enjoy. Couple that with porter house steaks, dry rubbed with some amazing spices, steamed broccoli and mashed baby red potatos, and I'm thinking its a fabulous meal.  In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I've got chocolate dipped starwberries in the fridge as we speak. We always buy them when we pass a Godiva so it seemed appropriate.

Obviously though, we are not a romantic couple so I rented Despicable Me to watch after.  We both run around so much that it will be nice to eat dinner and curl up in bed together for a change. To each their own I guess...

Happy valentines day to everyone!!

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