The Busy Giffs: It's hard to update with no internet.

February 9, 2011

It's hard to update with no internet.

That being said, we moved!

At work on Saturday I received a call saying the new apartment was set and ready so we could start moving. I called David and he and a friend started moving.  When I got home that night, I packed some more but left the lifting and moving for the boys for the next day... this is all in my last post!

Comcast turned out to be a bit of a bitch and when we called to explain that our move-in date had changed they said there was nothing they could do and they'd see us on the 18th. Awesome. I don't know about you but I need my internet. I mean, I could go without it if I didn't have it but pick my subbing jobs off the computer, one of my classes uses the Blackboard application and really, sitting at the school library kind of sucked. 

We are very lucky that we have such great friends because the move in date was sudden and I am smart enough not to exert myself if I don't need to. Vit was an amazing help and between him and David, most of the moving got done.  Casey and Steve were wonderful because even though they didn't actually move stuff (although Steve did carry in my heavy bathroom organizer) they got me out of the house long enough for me to relax and get back into a good frame of mind. KBiss seriously saved my life.  Between her and David running up and down the stairs while I packed, we accomplished so much.  She is actually coming by tonight to help me grab the very last of my clothes that are hanging in the closet in the old place and I am officially moved!

The puppies are adjusting well.  It's much more difficult to keep them quiet because they want to bark when people walk by the slider or they hear someone outside the door going upstairs.  We previously lived upstairs and the woman across form us barely did anything so the puppies only had what they could see below the deck to bark at.  We did however invest in a 9.99 "Bark Off" and it actually seems to work.  The idea is that the dog barks and a high pitched whistle goes off. Only a few minutes ago, Bailey barked and stopped midway so maybe....

Also fun, Comcast knocked on our door at 10:30 this morning. Yep, our appointment was for the 18th between 8 - 11 but he knocked, we said hi and said he had us scheduled for between 11-2. I'm fine with it. My laptop is having an issue getting on but Dave's desktop works beautifully and I've taken it over while he's at work.  :)

And finally, I FINALLY went grocery shopping again.  For the past month we have been using everything in our pantry so that we would have less to move as far as food goes. We got it really low so I took the opportunity to restock it.  An hour and a half and 100 dollars later, and I left Walmart Supercenter with a fully stocked carriage. I brought it all home and I feel wonderful. We have so much food!

I promise that I will put pictures up of our new place as soon as my computer is back up and working with the internet. I'm hoping Vit will figure it all out when he goes by tonight because he's some supergenious with computers and fixes all my problems.

I dont know. That was a bunch of crap all at once. Stay tuned. I'll get it all figured out soon.

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