The Busy Giffs: Deal of the day.

February 22, 2011

Deal of the day.

Last night at my moms, we were looking at strollers online and David found one at Walmart's website, clearanced from 159.00 to 139.00.  Made by Evenflo and in stock at the North Dartmouth store. Thinking it was a really great deal, we went last night to get it. Unfortunately, Walmart lies and they did not actually have any in the store.

Fast forward to today, I'm leaving work and decided to look at the Fairhaven store.  Also, not in stock. Crap. So I decide to swing by KMart and see what they have clearanced out for baby.  It's not the most amazing store but the prices are wonderful on baby onsies, furniture, etc. As I'm walking through the baby section, I see a Graco travel system in the corner originally 179.99, with one clearance sticker for 134.99 and one clearance sticker for 107.99.  It's brown and green, had a little elephant on it, and its a lightweight, one-touch foldable travel system with the stroller, infant car seat and car seat base.  I'm super excited because Graco is a very well known and reputable brand for baby stuff and the price is unbelievable.  So I call David, tell him to google search it so he can look at the pattern and let me know if he likes it.  He does and of course, he loves the price when I tell him what it's marked down to. I load it up and wheel to the front. I'm not letting a really great deal like that get away.

So I head up to the counter and the kid scans it. He goes "38.43 please". So I double take, thinking he said 138 and commented that it said 107.99 and he responds by saying "I'm sure I can mark it up to 107.99 if you want but it's only ringing in at 35.99" I almost shit myself. Seriously, the whole set up was only 35 dollars?? So he laughs at me and asks if the 35 works or if I'd prefer the 107. 

You know in the Ikea commercials, when the lady is running to her car, telling her husband to gun it because she felt like she stole from them... ya, that's how I felt. I was so thrilled.  $180 system, by a well known, reputable company...and I paid 36 bucks for it. Someone somewhere loves me.  David and I do well but it's always nice to find an amazing deal or score something for half price, but this is almost obscene.

Because we have the two cars we're going to get a second car seat base so we can just move the seat from car to car and after researching online, the extra base is 34.99.  Part of me wants to just go buy the whole other set up for 35.99 and give my mom or someone a carriage so they have it.  Hell, I'll even donate the stroller and car seat to someone who needs it, I just want the extra base! And for a dollar difference... makes me wonder if I know anyone having a baby that needs a stroller or infant seat...

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