The Busy Giffs: Movement

January 21, 2011


 I guess I should add that I regularly feel baby movements now. I guess I forgot to mention it to people. Sorry. :(

This morning was pretty wonderful though. After getting calle dout of work, David and I took advantage of our morning off together (c'mon people... I'm pregnant, we all knew it was happening...) and when we were done he rested his hand on my stomach.  I felt baby and David yanked his hand and jsut started smiling-- he felt it too! I thought it was cute, David assumed the baby was pissed because we disturbed it's sleep. Haha.

I know it seems so small and trivial but a few weeks ago when I wasnt feeling ANYTHING from the little one I was nervous thats omething was wrong but now that I can feel it and apparently, other people can too, I am so excited. I promise I'll be better about updating what goes on with the little one so everyone can be included!

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