The Busy Giffs: It's time for an evaluation.

January 5, 2011

It's time for an evaluation.

As my 25th birthday rapidly approaches, I do what every good natured person does—I reevaluate my life. 
I love my life. Obviously, I’ve had bumps in the road like everyone else but I have always tried to look to the positive things in life instead.  My mom raised me that life could always be a whole lot worse and I’ve always tried to follow that approach. Without those bumps I would not be here today.
Let’s get back to today.  I am turning 25 in a month. Call it a quarter life crisis, provided I make it to 100.  What have I done, what have I wished that I accomplished, and what do I still hope to?
I wrote my first bucket list at 13 years old.  Of course it was dumb things…
1.      Have a real kiss.
2.      Travel the world
3.      Get into college
Etc, etc, etc…
…but guess what? I got my kiss, I spent a weekend running around in Europe to see Paris, and not only went to college, but graduated and started on my masters. Maybe it wasn’t such a silly list…
25 years old… let’s work on a new one.

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