The Busy Giffs: The 50 Book Challenge- Book 1

January 6, 2011

The 50 Book Challenge- Book 1

I have been trying my best to assimilate into New Bedford.  I don't exactly blend in but I am trying which is a huge step from last year.  This is my home and this is where David and I will be for the next few years until we're ready to decide on a permanent place to root our family.

Today I walked around the North End ducking into little shops here and there.  Only half the shops spoke English and they giggled every time I'd walk by, but hey, it's a start for me.

I took another step as well and got a library card! There's a library in Buttonwood Park and I imagine it will be a wonderful asset to the park walks that I'll be talking with our little one but for now, I'll be forcing myself to be engaged by partaking in the 50 Book Challenge that the library has put on. 

The idea is to read 50 books between now and December 10th. Unfortunately, I got a late start and that changes my time line from a 52 week year to a 48 week time period.  That's a book a week plus two weeks where I pull 2 books.  I'm not scared.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to read and I do it very fast.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was done in 9 hours and Twilight only took a flight to San Antonio to finish.  I've got this.

I am however, in the middle of reading a book right now so it will count as book 1.

It's the main book for one of my classes this semesters and even though it's required reading, it's still a book and I'm counting it.  If you haven't read it, do it.  It's like the younger kids version of Brave New World, which I'm pretty sure will also end up in my list of 50 books.

If anyone else is interested in the 50 Book Challenge, read up on it here.

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