The Busy Giffs: 20 week ultrasound, well, maybe 18 weeks??

January 14, 2011

20 week ultrasound, well, maybe 18 weeks??

Today was our 20(ish) week appointment and everyone knows thats when you get to see what the gender is.  We however, will not be finding out what the baby's sex is until she or he is born.

I dont know if it's a boy or a girl but I do know that the thing is a little scootch.  It was asleep the WHOLE time we were at the doctors.  Even when the doctor had me roll over to try and help wake the baby, all it did was wiggle its little butt,stretch out its legs, and curl right back up. Cant really complain about a baby who wants to sleep, can I?

Here's a few pictures from the visit:

As you can see from the pictures, I am 19 weeks and 4 days, however, the doctor told me I was measuring smaller, closer to 18 weeks.  Anyone who knows me knows that my heart stopped beating for a moment because I thought of one of my friends who was told she was measuring small and then lost the baby.  All I could think was oh my god, I can't lose it at 20 weeks...  However, the tech told me that it could just be a timing error on their part because I had an irregularly timed period to begin with, or it could be becuase I had lost weight in the first 4 months of being pregnant and it was just resulting in a smaller baby.  My due date is presently 6/5/11, however, if the doctor deems it necessary, I could be getting my due date pushed back to 6/17/2011. We'll know a little bit more next month when I have a check up with my doctor at 24 weeks...or 22, I'm not sure anymore.

The little scootch was sleeping with his or her back to my belly and try as we might, we could not get a good picture of the heart so I'll be going back in two and a half weeks for another ultrasound.  All we could get the baby to do was yawn and curl back up.  :) 
So far, the baby has a great spinal cord so there are no concerns about spina bifida and seems to have all ten fingers and ten toes so we're doing alright for now!

This was the last picture the tech gave us before we left:

Perfect little fingers and an arm.  We're not sure if it's waving or saying leave me hell alone, I'm sleeping but I  just love the little thing.  I cant wait for June 5th, or 17th... whatever...

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