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I'm Heather and welcome to The Busy Giffs, a curated place for our family favorites: like travel, recipes, toys, and fashion. 

I'm a mom to two gorgeous children, Tyler and Emmalee, ages 3 and 6 respectively, and wife of 7 years to David, my hardworking husband. We have a cat, Sperry, and a pup, Sunshine. You can usually find us at a playground, a library, playing dress up, or eating ice cream. We love checking out new toys and going on adventures as a family, whether it's to a local children's museum or down the East Coast. We especially love visiting Disney!  We've got a pretty wonderful life going on, but it hasn't always been easy, and as you read you'll get to see our highs and our lows, and how we work together as a family to overcome all obstacles.

When I'm not blogging, I'm a high school English teacher, sangria aficionado, and make up enthusiast, even if I don't really know how to apply it. I can't say no to a good looking cupcake, a good book, or a day at the beach. One day we'll move South to somewhere warmer, but for now, we'll keep enjoying our New England seasons. 

I'm so happy you found our little corner of the internet; thanks for reading along.

xo, Heather

Ps. I LOVE mail - feel free to e-mail me at with questions, concerns, recommendations, or whatever you feel like chatting about!

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