The Busy Giffs: August 2019

August 9, 2019

The Latest Books

I've read some really great books this summer.  I continued the fun game of just grabbing a book and hoping for the best and found some great ones this summer.

Image result for All the Wrong Places
All the Wrong Places - Joy Fielding

This has been one of my favorites all year.  The beginning of the book sets up the suspense for the rest of the book and the twists and turns made it so good.  I finished it in a day and have been thinking about it for weeks.

Tight Rope - Amanda Quick

Apparently this is my second Amanda Quick story but I didn't know it when I grabbed it. This was another very cute "murder mystery". I got a bit confused with so many names but figured it out in the end. It was a quick and easy read.

Image result for Heroine - Mindy McGinnis
Heroine - Mindy McGinnis

I'm obsessed and everyone should read this book.  It's the story of a girl who falls into addiction and it's done in a way that is real. I honestly wish this was taught in schools.

Image result for Library of Lost and Found - Phaedra Patrick
Library of Lost and Found - Phaedra Patrick

A very quick and easy read that was very playful. A book left behind leads to the unraveling of a mysterious backstory.  It's worth the beach read.

Image result for Pretend She's Here - Luanne Rice
Pretend She's Here - Luanna Rice

I loved this one. Creepy enough that I was riveted but not so creepy that I had bad dreams. ha. The idea behind it is terrifying but possible, which made this impossible to put down.

Image result for The Last Romantics - Tara Conklin
The Last Romantics -  Tara Conklin

Similar to Little Fires Everywhere, it was slow going and told a story about a family dynamic.  I didn't love it, but also didn't hate it.

I really should be making more summer time to read but I just haven't wanted to lately.  I've been spending my days at summer school and on the beach with the kids but maybe I'll add a few more books before I go back to work in 2 and a half weeks?

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