The Busy Giffs: March Books

April 1, 2019

March Books

Having no car almost all month meant no gym, which meant more books than before. Some of these were really enjoyable.

The Other Woman - Sandie Jones

This one was fun. The twist at the end was something I did not expect and really enjoyed that.  It's a quick read and slow at parts, but enjoyable.

The Other Woman Vanishes - Amanda Quick

This one was really enjoyable! The mystery just gets better and better with each page and the suspense of it had me reading the book in a day! I've never heard of the author before but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Five Feet Apart - Rachel Lippincott

I grabbed this book since it was being shown on the library website as a "hot title" since the movie is coming out. I'm not going to lie... people will love it, but it just feels like a watered down John Green novel and I don't really care for most of those so...

No Exit - Taylor Adams

This one could have been so good. But they gave away the twist too early.  And it was gruesome. But I couldn't put it down. The ending was a bit weird.  I had to reread a sentence a few times for it to click, but when it did I was happy wit the outcome.  If you don't mind gratuitous gruesome moments including nail guns and blood, you won't be able to put it down.

The Current - Tim Johnston

I don't really like this book because there is no real ending and that bugs me.  I don't like unresolved plots, but at least until the last couple pages, it was good. The mystery of it kept me intrigued but the ending left a lot to be desired.

Island Girls - Nancy Thayer

I'm always drawn to books about Massachusetts and this one about the island is no different. A man passes away and leaves his estate to his three daughters, from three marriages with certain perimeters.  It was good book, but a bit slow at times.  The underlying secrets made it more enjoyable. It's a perfect beach read.

Six more books done!

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