The Busy Giffs: February Books

February 28, 2019

February Books

This month was weird... I started a handful of books but only finished four of them, and even then I wasn't sure that I wanted to finish these 4...

The Pisces - Melissa Broder

What a weird book... that's all I can say.  It's an easy read, perfect for the beach if you're into sex with mermen... I don't know.  I finished it for the sake of finishing it but I do not understand why it's being given so many awards...

Still Lives - Maria Hummel

This "murder mystery" wasn't much of one and the "twist that will shock you" at the end... wasn't. Again, I wasn't super impressed but maybe that's just because I felt like I figured it out before the end...

This is how it always is - Laurie Frankel

This was a surprise book. I only put a hold on it because it was in Reese's book club.  The story of a transgender (possibly?) child and how the world responds to it found me in tears multiple times. It's a book worth reading if you're okay having your heart ripped out a bit.

You Think It I'll Say It - Curtis Sittenfeld

This was another surprise book. It was a "found it on instagram and put a hold with no idea what it was about".... but I enjoyed it. Rather then a novel, it's a collection of short stories, some better than others. It was a very quick read but enjoyable.

That's four more for the year!

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