The Busy Giffs: Buttonwood Park Zoo : Boo at the Zoo!

October 26, 2018

Buttonwood Park Zoo : Boo at the Zoo!

Thanks to an unexpected shift in our plans last weekend, we found ourselves with a Saturday night free with all 4 of us at home.  Dave and I decided to surprise the kids with a trip to Buttonwood Park Zoo for Boo at the Zoo!

We have wanted to go for the past couple years but we always had plans or were unable to go, so when we saw the chance to go we threw on our costumes and got ready to go. Before heading to the zoo, I went online and ordered our "Bat Passes" which allowed us to use a faster entrance, rather than waiting in the main line. As zoo members, we even saved $5 per ticket!

When we got to the zoo, there was a separate entrance for those of us who had Bat Passes.  I am so glad we used Bat Passes since the line for Bat Passes was about 10 people and the main entrance line was easily 50+ outside, not even counting how many were inside the building.

The kids were given a scavenger hunt paper with 10 candy corn pictures on it. They were told that there are 10 candy corn signs hidden around the zoo and if the kids found it, they could tell the closest candy station and get a stamp on one their candy corn pictures.  When it is full, they could bring it up front for a prize!

The kids were very excited to walk around the zoo looking.  We loved that the zoo had great orange lights and Halloween inflatables everywhere. The animals were all in bed, but the kids loved seeing the zoo in this new way! There were 10 candy stations throughout the zoo and the kids were more than excited to run from one stop to the next.

In addition to the trick or treating, the zoo offered free train rides, carousel ides, and face painting. The line for the train was longer than we were willing to wait, but we don't usually ride the train and always go to the carousel instead. We took a couple spins on the carousel and got face paint! Snacks and refreshments were offered but since we ate dinner right before arriving, we didn't stop for anything.

At $11 for adults and $7 for kids if you're a member, it was a great night for the cost. If you're not a member, it's  $16 for an adult and $12 for a child.  Children under 2 are free and the rides are included in admission.  Boo at the Zoo continues (and ends!) this weekend so there is still time to go!

If you prefer a day time event with little ones, check out Baby Boo! Baby Boo takes place on Halloween from 9:30-1. According to the zoo's website:

The event will include fun activities, up close and personal visits with some of the Zoo’s animal residents, and a costume parade and contest. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Best Animal Costume, Most Creative Costume, Cutest Costume, and Best Parent/Child Combination Costume.
Children under 2 are free.
Train and carousel rides are included.
Non-member: Adult $15, child $10 - 
Member: Adult $10, child $5

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